Thanks, Jessica and Edward!


I just have to say a big THANK YOU to Jessica and Edward for making all your videos and this forum.
I have just recently found these (a few months ago) and some of your videos helped pull me out of a depressive episode that lasted a few months. I was having a REALLY bad day, and for some reason, decided to look up the videos my group counselor suggested. It changed the rest of that day, and has given me hope. I was feeling beat up, tons of difficult things going on, had been told I was incredibly lazy, selfish, and even stupid. Your videos have encouraged me - I’m not all the things they said (although I can be lazy sometimes, it’s not JUST that), and some of the things I do struggle with, you have helped give me some ideas of how to work with them or deal with them. Even if the suggestions you made don’t fit me, I still know there are things I can come up with myself (like most ADHD-ers, I’m great at creative solutions!) to help with different things.
Thank you for pushing through all YOUR struggles to give the rest of us hope. <3