That "no filter" thing


This morning at work, my co-workers and I were talking about past jobs. I have a story about a past job that I’ve told many times to friends and started telling it here. 30 seconds into the story, it struck me that some of the language I quote in the story is pretty, um, colorful, and may not be totally work appropriate. And I suddenly felt really uncomfortable telling the story. Even if my co-workers weren’t bothered by it, I felt bothered, like I was oversharing. I’ve been feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed all day. This is far from the first time this has happened with friends and co-workers, and I’ve rarely had anyone actually say “I can’t believe you said that!” or “That made me really uncomfortable!”, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, and even so I felt uncomfortable.

Does anyone have any good tricks or techniques for keeping your mouth shut or otherwise keeping from talking about uncomfortable things or oversharing?


Turns out even when I can keep the mouth shut… my face is clearly saying it FOR me! And I JUST NOW LEARNED IT! I’m almost 60!


I’ve at least taught myself not to blurt things out in work meetings, but I’ll still laugh out loud (but as quietly as I can) when a funny thought pops into my head. And I’m sure my face betrays me even when my mouth is shut. :smiley:


Oh, yeah. The spontaneous laugh in the middle of a business meeting. That’s happened so often to me. And what’s worse, no one else seems to realize what was so funny.


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