The cost of medication?


Can anyone tell me how much an American with health insurance should expect to pay for a psychiatrist to diagnose him with ADHD and how much meds will cost?

Is it best to get generics or do you guys think otherwise?


Unfortunately this price is going to differ drastically as it all is based on your insurance provider and the insurance plan itself. You will have to call your insurance company to find out how much it’s going to be for psychiatrist appointments, as well as, the getting all the medication pricing they have (as certain medication tiers can be more expensive than others).

However if you call and meds sound too expensive I encourage you to see if you qualify for any cost-assistance programs that some medication creators provide. :slight_smile:


In Australia the full cost is $30 for Ritilan but with medicare I pay $15 ( childs panadol is more expensive aha)



Are brand name medications better than off brand medications?
What about extended release and regular adhd medication?


For me I didn’t have patience to find a psychiatrist that was covered by insurance. For my meds Adderall is $40/month (if I remember right). I don’t take it all the time so a months supply lasts me longer. The XR’s I got were the name brand and the short acting ones are only available in “generic” (I think I have two different manufacturers of it and couldn’t tell a difference).

I recently got a Vyvanse prescription to try how that’s working for me and the meds were ~$230 for a month supply (after the $60 discount from the Shire website) which I think is basically the cash price, too. Which … yikes, that’s a lot of money per pill.


Honestly, for those questions it’s going to be dependent on your body. Some people do better with generic while others do better on brand name. I personally prefer extended release, but again, what you feel better on will be dependent on your body chemistry.

I wish I could give you a more definite answer!


Yeah, I have heard of vyvanse and it sounds like its much more expensive.


Just out of interest, what’s the reason that some ADHD meds are more expensive than others? (I’m in the UK and my meds are the same price regardless of what they are, even a course of antibiotics or an asthma inhaler is the same standard prescription price)


Yeah, good question.

If they do the exact same thing, then why charge different prices?

I am guessing that there are some differences that brand name companies think warrant the price, but that non-name brand companies have to compete so they lower the price to whatever they think makes them competitive.


When I was a pharmacy tech I learned that the FDA made the generic companies have the same effectiveness rating as the name brand before they were able to sell. The only ingredients that are allowed to be different are the inactive ingredients like the coloring or caking agents. But please don’t take my word for it talk to your pharmacist.


In most cases this is correct but from what I have picked up the generic of concerta has a few issues with consistency from pill to pill.


vyvanse is more expensive, but they also have a program to pay for your meds if you qualify for financial help, based on gross income. It’s super easy to apply to and the decision is quick. Also, usually your psych can get you a coupon for a free month of vyvanse to start out, as well as additional coupons for discounts on monthly vyvanse (I had one for $60 off back when I was paying out of pocket.).