The end of a very long road

Well today I had an appointment with my Dr and after 18 months of trial and error we have officially hit the sweet spot with the medication. In the end it’s a mix of vyvance and instant release Dex. 30 mg vyvance and 5 mg Dex when in the morning. This combination gives good results almost immediately and avoids this weird edgy / dopey feeling I got whilst the vyvance was taking effect. That gives me a good 7-8 hours of symptom control. And then towards the 7 hour mark it’s another 5mg of dex that will keep me on an even keel for a couple more hours. Seeing my average work day is around 12 hours if it’s looking like I need to keep sharp for much longer than 10ish hours it’s another 5mg of Dex.

It was a long journey of trial and error but I believe I now have the code for making meds work for me.

I can’t say it enough if you start the medication path take your time and don’t just accept what the norms are. It took probably 10 or 15 different variations of medications dosage and timing to get this diald in. I am pretty much side effect free from the meds and my day to day life is so so much better.

The Doc said that this pattern of medication and dosage is quite unique from what he is used to prescribing but he also said that I am one of his most engaged in the methodology of treatment. I provided him with a diary of side effects and negative plus positive impacts the meds provided and constantly advocated for trying different options of things to try and when possible with references to different research and anecdotal accounts that I had come across.

I also read and studied as much as I could about ADHD and it’s functions in the brain and used that to theorise different approaches to treatment. That way our discussions where more on a peer based level instead of purely an dr telling a person what is next after trying to decode what information he has been given. (In no way am I suggesting that I have anywhere close to the knowledge he has) but him not having to try and explain actions and reactions in the most simplistic terms made working on the problem a bit more of a precise exercise.

So my advice is own your condition and take the responsibility of working out a treatment plan as your own side by side with your Doctor. The best outcome can be found it just takes time and a little work.



Congratulations and I’m so happy your perseverance paid off :smiley: ! Thanks for sharing your experience, I needed to hear this. I started Vyvanse 3 weeks ago - it started amazing (!!!) and then slowly I started hitting periods of lows (depressed, zoned out, negative) with increasing frequency. This is my 2nd med since Concerta didnt work for me at all and made me super depressed and anxious.
I’ve been spiralling a bit the last week thinking that maybe I’m ‘broken’ when it comes to meds, or that ADHD isn’t my real problem. I started keeping an hour by hour diary today to try and understand what’s happening a bit better. I’m going to take your advice and approach this with scientific curiosity and perseverance, rather than beat myself up about it :nerd_face:

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Congratulations on finding a way! I’m on a low dosage of Adderall and so far it’s helped. The higher dosage just left me spent at the end of the day, literally a husk of a person. Strattera was helpful but had crazy side effects. It’s a journey at all times, as is life, but I’m glad to hear you’ve found a place. Good luck and be safe.

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Congratulations! So excited to hear that things are at a good point! Keep up the amazing work!

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