The future of the forums at How To ADHD

Hello everyone,

We wanted to let people know that we (Scot & Harley) are looking at decommissioning these forums.

This is not an official declaration that the discussion of How To ADHD is going away, just more of realization of what is the true benefit of the forums vs other discussion platforms and we’d like to be transparent on our team, where Jessica is at right now and what is the right decision for the channel.

This decision is a group effort between Community Management (Harley & V), Tech Management (Scot) and, of course, Jessica. Forums take a lot of effort to moderate, organize and keep running, and since we are all volunteers with our own personal and working lives, the forums have become difficult to keep up with.

That being said - we will not decommission the forum until we have an alternative for you all! We do not want to leave you guys high and dry, so please continue to use the forums until we announce our next plan.

Thanks everyone,
Scot & Harley



Very sorry to hear that . . .

This “place” has done me (as I am sure others) a GREAT SERVICE!

Thank you for considering alternative mechanisms for keeping the “Tribe” alive and well. Hope something can be worked out. :pray:


This is heartbreaking to hear. These forums are by far the most positive, supportive, inclusive, and well managed of any that I have come across. I find it’s well integrated into the channel and the resources provided. At the same time, I respect the challenges that come with facilitation of the community.

I’m not sure if there are alternatives such as bringing on additional moderators and community managers, or developing a new forum system separate from the channel. I will be devastated to see these forums go. And while I hope there’s a good alternative that can be referred to, I’m less than confident that anything will be as well managed as this.

Thank you for the update. And thank you for the work that you do for us.


This is sad news. But i am sure that whatever you decide will be great. The community here is priceless and only exists because of the hard work and vision of the How to ADHD team.

The youtube videos are the hook and this forum is the measurable real world impact that your team has on the ADHD community. It is accessible to everyone. And its super supportive.

If the day comes that you decide to let this place go it will be very sad but i am sure whatever rises from the ashes will be spectacular.



This will be very sad indeed, though I know it will end up alright. This forum has meant so much to me over the last few months, guiding me on my journey and helping me feel understood. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am now without it.

But of course none of that would be true without the people who volunteer their time and energy to help make this run. So whatever happens I’m grateful for what you’ve done and hopefully the tribe will continue.


These forums have been made such a difference in my life ( and in many others I’m sure ) so thank you @scot and @HarleyKyn and everyone else who made it possible!! Y’all did such a wonderful job and changed lives in so many different way. Thank You :revolving_hearts::green_heart::revolving_hearts::yellow_heart::revolving_hearts::sparkling_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart::two_hearts::orange_heart::heartbeat::green_heart::heavy_heart_exclamation::green_heart::orange_heart::purple_heart::yellow_heart::sparkling_heart::orange_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::cupid::cupid::yellow_heart::revolving_hearts::heavy_heart_exclamation::purple_heart::revolving_hearts::heartpulse::heavy_heart_exclamation::orange_heart::heart::heavy_heart_exclamation::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::gift_heart::green_heart::two_hearts::green_heart::yellow_heart::revolving_hearts::green_heart::orange_heart::heartpulse::heart::cupid::orange_heart::heart::yellow_heart::heartpulse::heartbeat::blue_heart:
We’re incredibly sad to hear that it could be going, but happy to help in any way possible!!
Take care of yourself first and once again, thank you for all the hard work and time that everyone has put into this place :grin:


Pretty much what @ConfusedbutADHDandLD said, including all those purdy hearts :grin:

I have found these forums enormously helpful, they speeded up my acceptance process and have helped me to find peace with a lot of my issues.

At the same time I know that volunteer-running this kind of thing asks for a lot of hours and energy. Is there any way to train up more mods? I think I’m willing to volunteer, though it depends a bit on what is involved (I’ve never done it before). Maybe that’s only a small part of the problem though? I don’t know.

And, @Scot, purely out of self interest here :flushed::
Is it possible for me to save my old posts as a job lot and how would I do that? Could you please link to the instructions if it’s under my nose somewhere?


Is there anything we can do to help?


That was sad news. The forum really made a change for me.


As someone who has managed forums before, I understand your struggle. And I understand not feeling comfortable running something that you feel you aren’t able to give sufficient time to.

And when life steps in and complicates things, multiply that all by 10.

Plus, you know, ADHD.

Often, I’ve just seen official forums pass completely into volunteer hands and become unofficial fan-run forums. There are positives and negatives to that.

Whatever you decide, I trust you to do the best you can for everyone involved, including yourselves.


what I value most about this forum is that it is not driven by business or commercial considerations. I have seen other forums online and also attended various local group meetings where the focus ostensibly is on ADHD . . . and helping people with ADHD . . . But inevitably, groups run by professionals who stand to gain business are problematic! No one knows us as well as ourselves and others like ourselves. Very often guest speakers and presentations at professionally run groups inherently present a conflict of interest and raise ethical concerns as far as I am concerned. And I speak both as someone with ADHD and a mental health professional for many years, now retired


What @trebonius said.

Also what everyone else said.

Thank you for everything, especially being transparent.


This is very sad news indeed. I only come on the forums sporadically these days, but it’s always comforting to know it’s there, to read others’ struggles, insights, and successes when you need it the most. And an amazing resource for advice from people who understand your struggles.

I hope there is something that can be done to save the forums as it’s helped me so much, and countless others!

But no matter what may come, thank you everyone who has worked hard at keeping this site running! And also thank you to everyone who has contributed to the discussions over the years! Everyone here has been very supportive and non-judgemental, and it’s been an amazing support during some harder times.

All the love :heart:


I am so grateful for these forums, and the supportive people I’ve found here. I sincerely believe what comes after will be awesome. I enjoy the forum more than the discord channel. It is easier to navigate and share on. I haven’t been on much in the last months because life has been so busy. My time here helped give me the push I needed to really improve my life and circumstances. The support I received helped me to realize I wasn’t crazy to be hurt or angry over things that have happened to me, and also helped me realize when I was the problem. Since joining, I have gotten a promotion, gotten started back on meds, and started taking the steps I need to clean up and organize my home. Thank you so so so so so very much for starting these. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

@ConfusedbutADHDandLD @Lustforlife @Emilia @scot @HarleyKyn have all been a great support team. <3 you all.


@scot for some reason, picked your interview video from all the others on offer from the website the other night, not consciously knowing that you’d set these forums up.

Thanks for doing the do, I’m off to work on worky things for a bit but if there’s anything I can do to help, please let us know.

We can’t aspire to be the hero we can’t see, so thanks for doing what you’ve done so far.

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Heh, I just got here and it’s moving. That’s fine though, I’ll try out whatever the new system is too. Looking forward to updates on what the new platform will be, thanks for all the hard work you guys put in.


After muddling around for a few months since first discovering How To ADHD, I finally decided to check out the forums. Now I see you are seriously considering shutting them down. I hope at the very least you keep these forums read-only as a reference archive. It’s been extremely helpful for me to read about other peoples experiences. Mostly that’s been on twitter. I’ve desired a safer space than the open public format of Twitter. I would ask you to consider how the greater community could take over this existing resource rather than send us all off to some other place.


@StevenVideo Here’s an update on the situation


Thank you guys so much for all your work. This forum has been a great resouce and comfort to me in my most ADD moments.