The Future of the How to ADHD Forum | Official Update

Hello everyone!

Back in February Scot made a post regarding the future of these forums, and finally, after many months of waiting for variables to settle down we are in a place where we can focus on the forum’s future. I wanted to offer an update so that there is no confusion as we slowly work towards this transition.

Why the change?
Lack of resources. Forums take a surprising amount of resources to handle, especially when I also am overseeing the How to ADHD Community department as a whole. Currently, I am doing all that I do on a volunteer basis, which means that I still have other tasks I must focus on in regards to my personal life.

Will there be a replacement?
Yes! We are working on utilizing a different platform that requires less resources and is far less involved than the forums are. We will provide more information when we’re a bit farther into the plan and a bit closer to a ‘grand opening’ of sorts! (Currently we’re only in the “Preliminary Overview” phase!).

Will the forums return?
I hope that one day the forums will return, but I cannot make a guarantee of that at this moment in time.

When will the forums shutdown and the new platform open?
Undetermined at this time. Since we only just started we don’t have a solid date of when the forums will shut down and when the other will open, once we do have that information it will get posted here. We do plan to give you all a heads up when we do decide a date for the shutdown. Ideally, the hope is that the forums will shut down shortly after the other platform is opened, that way it gives a brief transition period, so to speak.

I appreciate the community you all have built here on the forums, and I hope that you are willing to bring that with you once we officially transition away from the forums. :heart:

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to respond to this post.

Thank you for your incredible patience!


Thank you for the update. I know that this has been a longtime coming. I’m looking forward to more news on the future. I hope that this community is able to continue engaging as much as we do, whatever the platform may be. Brain it on!


First, thanks for the update. We have missed your waving bears!

Best of luck figuring out something that works for you guys as well as the community. But beware of the Osborne Effect! Since a shutdown seems more imminent, at least momentarily there may be a dampening effect on conversations here.

It would be good to know the goals you guys are working toward. Similarly it would be good know what didn’t work well here (from your perspective, and beyond the amount work needed to maintain this site+forums), Perhaps that would reduce uncertainty.

Once there is a switch over to the new platform, what will happen to existing discussion threads on the forums here? Will they be archived (& still available for reading) or thrown away?

Growing such a friendly community is relatively rare. My concern is the risk of losing of this community in the switchover, as at least discussions will likely start from scratch on any new platform. I am sure you have thought of all this. It would be good to know of your plans in this regard.

Regardless of the format, I would love to see this community thrive. But it can’t be sustained if people putting in their time to grow it burn our or feel used or otherwise not get back what they put in. Over and beyond what you have already planned, let us (or me) know how we can help. I am in the Bay Area so willing to meet Scot face to face (and 6+ feet apart!) if it will help.

Thanks for the update and all the hard work you all have put in. Much appreciated!


I miss providing those waving bears!

I definitely appreciate the concern, and am anticipating some fallout from the transition, just hoping it isn’t too much. I know change can be difficult for many of us (myself included, actually), so I would rather be forthcoming with the information rather than giving only a week or such for everyone to grow accustomed to the new situation. :heart:

The ultimate goal is to have a public space for you all to chat and seek peer support that’s easy to use and understand, while not demanding so much time, attention, knowledge, and energy from the volunteer staff.

Honestly, one of the biggest issues is that it’s a ton of work for a volunteer staff to maintain, which wasn’t entirely realized until we were already deep into it. Discourse, amazing though it is, is daunting to have to learn, let alone something to try and teach people. For now, we need a platform that still has some nice features but is far easier to use, and requires less time, energy, and knowledge to properly utilize.

That’s a great question! @scot are you provide some insight when you’ve got a moment?

I know we risk losing some of the community here, I can only hope that with enough forewarning and transparency we’ll be able to retain a good portion. There isn’t much I can really do to plan for it, I think. If someone does not wish to utilize the new platform, that is something I will respect. At the very least I can feel comfortable knowing that I warned you all in advanced, and am working hard to keep the communication open so that no one is taken by sudden and unpleasant surprise. So that people know there is an alternative, and that we want to overlap the closing of the forums with the opening of the new platform to smooth over the transition as much as possible. But again, it’s important to remember we’re dominantly volunteer driven at this point in time, but we are absolutely trying our best. :heart:

This is exactly what I came to realize was happening here, and I do believe there is a way we can facilitate public peer support discussions without burning out the staff (myself included), it just requires a different platform that is better suited for what our staff is at this point in time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Having a public peer support discussion platform is important to How to ADHD as a whole, but it’s incredibly important to me as well, as I have seen that great things it has done for so many here.

If we need any help I’ll be sure to post notices about it, for now, it’s too soon to tell.

As details are solidified I’ll continue to post to this thread, as well. :slight_smile:


What is this new platform?


This will be an upcoming announcement.

Since everything is in a preliminary phase I don’t want to speak on specific details until we move from Preliminary Plan to Active Plan, just in case details change in the Preliminary Plan. :heart:

(I honestly doubt the platform will change but on the off chance it could I want to make sure I don’t give specific details too soon.)


All Good!! Keep Up the good Work!!!


Hey Harley, good to see you here, and I really appreciate your forewarning :blush:

And really really really don’t feel bad about the lack of bears. They were lovely and you enjoyed doing it, that doesn’t mean you have to feel bad that you don’t do it any more. One of the reasons that you allowed yourself to stop was not only because you were busy, but because you could see that other people were also making new people feel welcome. You had helped to set up a culture of friendliness that didn’t necessarily need your precise brand of friendliness to continue. Which is an amazing thing to do! :grinning:

Somewhere on this forum I have come across very old messages that were from Jessica. She too was able to create something wonderful and let it grow without her direct input.

I hope that the same magic happens with the new set up, whenever that comes, and that you are all able to feel comfortable with the amount of energy you are able to give. Stepping back is hard, but that’s never a good reason for not doing it. If it’s what you need to do then it’s the right thing to do.

But I’m glad you’re still here right now :kissing_closed_eyes::heart:


Thanks for all your hard work! :two_hearts:


Is it possible we can leave the forum as is when kt changes and just make it so no more replies can be left or threads started? I dont want to loose my 7 thousand replies in one thread of talking to my friends, it helps me to be able to look back too, but also im sentimental, and there will be some stuff that may take time to transfer over or never be able to be transferred over!

I realize this has been asked but bringing it up again won’t hurt (at least I dont think it will)


I am not sure if you have to pay to keep these forums up so they might not be able to do that.


Oh thats true


I don’t know if we’ll be able to do that, but I will ask, and include it in the next update if @scot doesn’t answer here himself, first. :heart:


Ok Thanks Harley


Thank you!


G’day Brains:
Looks like I probably picked the wrong time to join up to this forum! (Somehow, I think that’s very ADHD of me…). Looking forward to the future developments… Good luck, and much love!


I mean I joined not too long ago but it is fine because then you will be there for the new website!


I just recently joined but I really appreciate the work that all of you have done to make this forum what it is.
I want Jessica and her team at How to ADHD to know that I was extremely fortunate to stumble across her videos (and this forum) when I did. You saved me, literally. It was what pulled me back from the brink of a nervous breakdown. It was what gave me that last push of strength to find a caring doctor, the courage to try meds (which are working well) and the bravery to look for a therapist that specialized in ADHD(she’s great).
I just started making connections here on the forums and hopefully can figure out the new ‘forum’ well enough to continue making connections.

I wish everyone well on the “ADHD Team” and hope very much to speak with many of the same brains on the new location that I have been interacting with here.
Take good care fellow Brains,
Sincerely, Heidi (aka lovetheoutdoors)