The Last Minute Is The Only Minute

I had so many things to get done this week for a camping trip. In my bujo I sensibly spaced them all out over several days. Guess when I actually did them? Yep, in the six hours before we had to leave. I got them all done though!!!

How do you make arbitrary deadlines that actually look like deadlines, when the real deadline is looming over there and is the only one that seems real or relevant?


i still struggle with this lol. the only thing i have so far is fake due dates. i usually schedule 2-3 text msgs to myself in advance, “Send important document to office by oct 4th” but really its due on the 10th. if ive passed oct 4th and my pre-schedule texts reminds me im overdue…i freak out and do it!!

My monkey brain believes the fake due date, feels the pressure and gets it done.
Worse case scenerio if im feeling sneaky…and get it done oct 9th. its still technically done early! Did that make sense?


Sure I get that, but I haven’t yet found a way of tricking my brain that it can’t see through.

I broke down the tasks into the days it made the most sense to do each, but I still managed to get distracted or procrastinate my way through those days.

I suppose it helps to know that I had a pretty shitty week overall! So maybe this one time I’ll let myself slide.


Yeah, I stopped doing that. If I know I can get a thing done in a day and it’s due in two weeks, I’ll do it in a week and six days. Because the alternative goes something like this:

I’ll schedule it for earlier, spreading it out over the two weeks.
I’ll try to tackle the first task, get distracted and feel bad about it.
I’ll forget the next day.
Day three, I have three tasks to tackle, get maybe half of one done because I’m stressed out, and I feel bad about it.
And so on. Two weeks of feeling bad about not doing it. And I’ll end up doing it all on the last day anyway. So I might just as well schedule it that way and feel good about it those first 13 days.

Also, doing it early takes longer. That’s why you do it early, so you have more time to do it.

Of course, this way doesn’t always work and it has its pitfalls:

  • If I don’t know how much time I need, I won’t know to schedule it.
  • I definitely should look into it at the beginning to get a good project plan for when it’s due, or I’ll spent most of that last day working on that rather than the task.
  • I might get sick or distracted or stuff might go wrong.
  • If I know I can do it in a day, I can probably do it in half a day, too, right? Or at least that’s what my brain makes of it.

Some of these I can work with, others I can’t. The other day, I did the taxes on the day they were due. I filled out all the forms, submitted the tax declaration, but I had to submit a profit calculation, too. For some reason, the tax people had changed the rules for that, though: I now had to verify an account to do that and the verification code would be sent by snail mail. (It arrived yesterday, ten days later.) Of course that ruined the whole submitting on the last day bit. But I still got eightish months of not worrying about it out of it.


this is where the educational technique of scaffolding or “chunking” works for me. Take more time to think this up on the front end. Divide the 14 days up into very little chunks. Each chunk is due by the end of the day. Then you can freak out about a smaller bit.

Eventually, it gets easier so that you don’t have to freak out so much every time. I know that Anxiety helps some of us to get stuff done that are diagnosed with ADHD.

But do you really want to rely on that every single time and make yourself sick?

Lol, reading this back to myself, I gave anxiety a capital letter, “Anxiety.” I don’t know what that means yet.


Definitely not. Especially considering I wound up forgetting to pack some important things, like towels, and…um…spoons. Read into that what you will.

I was saying to my psychiatrist in one session that I feel like, as my anxiety has been better managed with antidepressants, I feel less able to keep my life together. Like I have to be chronically anxious and triple checking everything in order to get all the ducks in a row.

I know learning those new skills will take time, I just wish it were more instant. It’s funny, I never thought I’d be in the position of missing my anxiety!

Hugs, I get that. I live the life…and I’m getting shit done.

There are minutes?

:wink: just kidding …

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