the life hack for When your dishes pile up

so I have an aversion to some chores and well I’m working on triggers to get me to attempt those tasks for short periods of time, it doesn’t always work; however I only recently found out that these are even an option, but your gonna want to search “Dish Basin Collapsible with Drain Plug Carry Handles” and well it doesn’t really solve the issue it does allow me to reclaim my sink if/as needed and then fill it back after I am done… so anywho have a good day :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello there @Fuzzy_Wazzie , and welcome to the HowToADHD forums!

Dishes are a constant battle in my house. (I don’t get enough help from the rest of my family to keep up with them.)

I’ve done something similar to the life hack you mentioned, by putting the silverware and all of the small dishes into the biggest bowl or pan to be washed.

Really, I just need to make it a daily habit for me and an expectation for my family that I’ll just do the dishes the same time every day. (It’s my kids’ shared responsibility to put the dishes away once they are dry.)


My opinion: the best way to survive doing dishes is not allowing them to pile up. Ate something - cleaned a single dish. Quick and easy while it’s still hot.
A little bit of discipline right now is lot easier than great dopamineless frustration later.


I have a great tip!

The only thing that has helped me with the issue of piling up dishes, is to only have available the smallest amount of dishes I can handle. For example, right now, me and my roommate just have 3 plates, 3 cups, 3 glasses, 3 bowls, and so. This means that if I want to use something and I haven’t done the dishes, I will probably have to wash it anyways.

(Note: I have more dishes for when I invite people over for dinner, but it’s more difficult to reach those dishes than to wash a plate or a spoon)


I already look at Space_Ivan comment, and that was the only way for me to fix that problem and actually having a sink completely free and clean 24/7. Clean your dish and glass immediate, the more it piles up, hardest it gets.