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And so now that I’m 42… I can do anything… :slight_smile:
So … here I am :slight_smile:

Was diagnosed as a child, but the therapist felt that physical punishment was a good idea and so I lost my chance at receiving therapy. I have survived till the age of 42. And I can keep winging it, but eventually I’m going to be older and then I’m not going to be able to wing it anymore.

So this year I decided to do something about this. I have on many occasions decided to take this on. Ive known about howtoadhd for years now. But barely tried.

Last night thanx to the lovely live stream, I got lost on that fidget cube website. I never liked fidget spinners because everyone was using it like a fad. So I just avoided it.
So I bought 7 fidget spinners 2 fidget cubes and a commemoration coin? :smiley:
Thats my start, maybe having them will remind me of what I would like to achieve.


  • creating this introduction is a good start to help me remember what I’m doing.
  • becoming active in the discord community might help too, since I’m already on discord and use it allot.

Pandemic has resulted in me isolating myself… so now that I decided that it’s time to go out I dont know what to go do :confused:

Blah… lets see if this becomes a journey and if it ends well :slight_smile:
I might want to make friends through this… so maybe just dropping some tags here…
cyberpunk, software developer. Love gaming, specifically long term… star citizen (as it’ll never be finished). Play guitar, love music.
I love electronics, but my teacher back in the day had a tough time getting into my head what happens with the elctrons inside a transistor, which till this day I can but cant answer xD
Oh and I’m south african xD


Love the avatar. Welcome!

I too have chosen 42 as the magical number to try and get assistance. We’ll see how it goes, right?


Welcome to the HowToADHD forums @thinush !

I like the “Marvin the (paranoid) android” avatar, too.

I didn’t get diagnosed until I was 45, but my son’s basketball jersey in high school was 42, so my nickname for him was “The Answer”.


We all make mistakes! :joy:
(took down last post . . .)

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While in school we were told, year after year, that our son hardly ever talked. But at home . . . au contraire, that was not the truth. He talked from the moment he got up until the moment he fell asleep. Perhaps unkind, but he got the nickname “motormouth”!



My youngest acts shy around most adults, hardly talking if she doesn’t know them extremely well. She talks readily around adults in the family.

  • (Not quite as readily with my grandma, her great-grandma, but she’s always ready to give her great-grandma a big smile and an enthusiastic hug!)

When she is around other kids, particularly other girls, she can be just as much of a chatterbox as many other girls.