The password demon



Soo… how do you beat it without getting grey hair?
I hate it, like today i cant bank, since i don’t know my (sent as a letter a year ago) sign in code.
Not the password, the login name… so i cant even reset the passw…

I save up every pass/login i have, and i should clear that file already. But this one is not there…
And i pack all my “official/important” mails in one place… but after more than 30 min search… i reached frenzy mode, where i cant even see whats on the paper…


I feel you pain :grinning: I get this too, I read that the safest way of storing all your passwords is to write them all down on a piece of paper and keep it in a drawer, the idea behind it is that the kind of person who burgals a house, if you’re ever unfortunate enough for that to happen, wouldn’t be looking for that kind of thing, saying that Ive never actually got around to doing it, so I’m constantly forgetting login details and passwords, I know how frustrating that can be.


Another reason I love my iPad. My fingerprint opens everything for me. But that doesn’t help when you have never logged in before but I just let the iPad set a complex password and I am all set.

God I hope I never get my thumbs chopped off.

A few of my freiends use last pass that works well but as far as I know you still have to log in to that.



I have an Android, it can recognise my face and my fingerprint… so yeah, as long as i have any of those, i should be fine! But first… i had to log in :smiley: Went to the Bank today… all set!


I used to have all my passwords saved on an app but I forgot the password for it, the irony is priceless :joy:


If you use the bullet journal you could make a page for that! I do because I aaaaaaaalways forget my password or whatever stupid rules the website requires ,since they don’t ever list them >=/


hmm… i do… and that could work :slight_smile: thx!


@zanga literally nothing else works for me. I will forget everything and if I always have my bullet journal I’m all set. Or at least have a password book somewhere near where you keep the computer.


I have one master password for everything and that’s the ‘click’ in “forgot your password? Click here!”

I used to make up nonsense words that are in no dictionary but sound catchy so I could remember them easily. That worked great for a while but I started needing more and more of those and most services now insist on using special characters and numbers, too, and now I’m mostly back with the ‘click’. Oh, and my ADHD brain doesn’t always know what will be easy to remember later.

At work we use Bitwarden which is probably like Last Pass. That works fine, too, as long as I don’t misplace the BW password.


Passwords, btw, are part of the reason I didn’t repeat the PHP certificate test I botched. By the time I had all the permits to sign up for it, I tried to get a new password to log in but the system didn’t accept my email address. I couldn’t just use my name either because the system (not a German one) apparently couldn’t handle the Umlaut in my last name - it couldn’t read the ä but neither a nor ae worked in its stead because that made it a different word. At least I think that’s how it happened. Anyway, I decided to get back to it later and then I forgot and the permits were withdrawn and I’m still without a certificate.

This kind of thing happens a lot. Once, I had to cancel an email address because I had set it up under my nickname but the service had changed their policy and when trying to retrieve the password, I had to provide a passport which I didn’t have, of course.Made me write this comic.

By the way, does anybody else have that thing where you actually do remember your password but totally forgot your username? I do that a lot.


That comic is EPIC :smiley:




You can generate your master password from a phrase that is very easy for you to remember but hard for others. For example, “Three point one four one five nine two six five” can yield “T.o4ofntsf”, or “The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere/The ceremony of innocence is drowned;” yields “Tbdtil,&eTcoiid”


@themax this comic made me snort.