the perils of trying to get things done

  1. some time ago i was hit by a wave of motivation. “i will wait no longer! today is the day i will begin saving for retirement,” i boldly proclaimed. “i will not allow fear or inertia to stand in my way.”

i jumped out of bed and went to go secure my financial future.

fast forward to now and i’ve only just finished the process of correcting the typo – which i repeatedly confirmed – in my own name.

  1. i’ve been cutting my hair since jan 2021. i do a pretty good job for a person who isn’t a trained hairdresser, has no hand eye coordination, has no sense of style, and also doesn’t look in a mirror.

i forgot my clippers when i moved so i have let my hair get a bit scraggly looking. yesterday i got the motivation to go buy some new clippers. they cost more than twice as much as my old clippers but i figured it was worth it.

i was lying in bed today really, really, really not wanting to cut my hair. but i finally persuaded myself to just do it. i need to look somewhat presentable, i can’t be this lazy, etc.

i got up. set up the clippers. started to cut. the clipper caught my hair and just chewed it up.

it was only then i noticed that it was a totally different brand. also i had a giant bald spot on the back of my head.

  1. i decided to wash dishes. i dropped a container full of dirty water which splashed upward covering me, the wall, and all the clean dishes in the dish rack.

  2. i decided to eat like a human. i found a recipe for rice and beans.

it’s inedible. it boiled over and dumped 80 gallons of water onto the counter and floor. but is somehow still 98% water and 2% things that will clog the drain.

what a wonderful lateral thinking challenge to figure out how to throw it out without making a bigger mess.

current plan: go out to the backyard, open the compost bin, hide inside until someone else (maybe the army corps of engineers?) deals with it.

stay in bed. stay safe.


and even the formatting of this post is a disaster. see what happens when you try to do things, kids?




lol! how apt.

Sounds like a good day to stay abed!

Also, a clue when doing beans. If you are making them from the hard as a rock dried beans. First, soak them overnight. The compounds that make one gassy are leached out in the water you will discard. Also, no salt, no acids, nothing added to the beans until they have become tender during your cooking process, otherwise they will never become tender.

And as for disposing the offensive beans… I would pop them in the compost bin instead of yourself. :wink:

Better luck tomorrow!


Following your instruction. Staying in bed, staying safe. Unhappy though. Hope you are a bit better by now. We all have these days. I avoided it today.

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Alas, I am unable to do as suggested otherwise I would. Instead I need to catch up on writing and reading, go to class, do homework, call the car mechanic, and go to another class.

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I wish I knew yesterday not to add salt. I soaked pinto beans the night before, and then followed the advice I found on two different recipe sites to “salt early, and salt repeatedly”. My beans came out a little firm.

I also learned that there’s a compound in beans which can cause problems with digestion. (It’s most potent in red kidney beans, then second most in white kidney beans, and in decreasing amounts in other types of beans, like pintos.) The compound breaks down at boiling temperature, by boiling for at least 10 minutes. So, I boiled my beans over 10 minutes before putting them in my slow cooker for the next six hours.

I made a nice chicken chili, with a little bit of heat. :slightly_smiling_face:


you are in my thoughts.


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thank you. both for the good wishes and the bean cooking help.
i will remember it for next time i get the courage to go into the kitchen.

i am doing a bit better today. i hope things get better for you too, friend.

Thank friend, for thinking of me. I have some deadlines and really need to get going. I think I should take this as an impulse. :slight_smile:

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