The Power Of HyperFocus/ Celebrating Success


I’d love to chat about how we can use hyper focus to our advantage and some of the success we’ve had with our brains!!

I recently finished a huge project using (of course) my power of hyperfocus. Granted, it may have been “easier” not to procrastinate. There are definitely draw backs to procrastination (more mistakes, the stress, the social stigma.) However, I can remember many, many moments in my life when hyperfocus pushed me to a new level and helped me get things done! It’s the only way I know how to work, so I might as well use it to my advantage!!

I feel like hyperfocus allows me to create huge positive shifts to my inner & outer world. For example, last year I got tired of being disorganized with paperwork. So I spent a couple weeks researching office organization and adhd cleaning tips. I took all the tips that I felt would work best for me and spent 16 hours over the course of a weekend to create a command center. I left a few aspects unfinished and I’m not perfect with daily implementation, BUT it’s been a huge improvement from my haphazard ways over the past 15 years. It created a huge shift in the appearance of my office, mental clutter and my confidence.

I’ve found that creating deadlines (even self imposed false ones) can sometimes help push me into hyperfocus. I’ve also found if I create a challenge out of something, it pushes me to get more done. If I’m sick and tired of something… that feeling can push me into action.

How do you work WITH your brain to accomplish tasks, rather than letting it work against you? Is there a way you channel hyperfocus and force it into action? Can we trick our brain into a hyperfocus mode? What are some of your tricks and tips?

Let’s discuss and celebrate some of our success with the unique things our brain can do!!



I definately feel the same way when I get fed up with something - I need to fix it right away. I think it also plays a role with my art projects. Once I have it in my head what I want to draw, I feel the need to get the drawing(s) made right away. I might add more to this later but first I need to finish some homework.

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I’m really excited about this thread! Though I admit I rushed to comment before finishing the original post, I wanted to share that I recently created a command center as well, but daily implementation is definitely my biggest problem too. Anyone with advice on this topic would be greatly appreciated!

I agree that Hyper Focus has given me some amazing projects I’m super proud of, like two awesome diaper cakes for both my sister in law’s baby showers, a really functional entryway shoe bench/shoe organization system for my family of 5, a gadget repair business (I can fix pretty much anything on any smartphone or other electronic device)…

However, there have been a few hyper focus projects—like two summers ago, instead of buying new living room furniture, I decided to build a really neat pallet couch and coffee table myself—I never entirely finished even tho the end was entirely within view. It took forever to stain everything, and I started losing steam… Then after we burned our gross, old couch and we needed something to sit on, it gave me some extra motivation to finish the main part of the couch, but I never finished the back and chaise. At the same time, I almost finished making a coffee table out 4 old wooden milk creates…but I got stuck putting off cutting the plywood base. It’ll be so neat, IF I CAN GET MY BUTT IN GEAR AND FINISH IT! All the finished pieces live under my porch and basically just need put together…

Has anyone else had this happen where there’s a certain part of a project you don’t really want to do, whether it requires buying something, looking for something you’ve “lost”, moving heavy things, or basically something you don’t find particularly stimulating… or if feels like it’ll take forever to get to the fun part… Whatever the reason, you procrastinate and end up sacrificing the entire project over time?

I know you were wanting positive stories and mine isn’t entirely negative, because I have so many positives, and I did build a functional new couch for like $50, I’m just wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks for powering through to the end.

I keep hoping something will trigger my desire and I’ll get it together and finish my living room… I could probably have my couch and coffee table done in one or two days… Some days I’ll think about it (like right now) but it’s dark and I can’t do it now, so I’ll tell myself I’ll do it “tomorrow” or “this weekend” or “when the weather is nicer” but I dread doing it even though at the same time I really want it done so it never seems to get done?! Ugh!!

So… Is there, like, a video I can watch, a song I can listen to, a guided meditation, or something, to summon my hyper focus?!? :wink::joy:

Thanks, in advance, so glad I found this forum! :heart: Sorry this is so long!

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I totally understand that feeling of urgency! It’s almost like, if I don’t do it RIGHT NOW it will never get done… Lol



I don’t think your post is negative at all, just the reality of what we are dealing with. I completely understand the unfinished projects. I spent a month doing a whole house de-clutter challenge. I stuck it out every day, still so proud of myself for that. I got alot accomplished. However… I have a huge pile of boxes full of my “clutter” that have been in my garage FOR A YEAR waiting to be carted away to the donation center! Lol :roll_eyes:



PS- super AWESOME that you made your own couch!!! I dream of being that handy but can’t get past the dreaming stage :joy:



I refurbished my desk chair which is a rather fany ergonomic one that I couldn’t just replace. It needed new stuffing and a new cover for ages. This isn’t necessary a hyperfocus story but more of a focus one, but it fits here because I had the kind of stop SweetPeaJ mentions at just about every decision involved.

  • Where to get the foam stuffing. Also, what size.
  • What to use as a cover.
  • When to make the time.
  • How to fixate it so it doesn’t come off right away like the first time when I just re-covered the thing.

My two keys were necessity and opportunity.

Necessity: Rather than get all the materials and make a plan, then cut off the old cover, I kind of threw a fit at some point and just dismantled it. So I had a choice between using a sub-par kitchen chair and repairing the good chair, which is much more urgent than the choice between repairing and keeping on with the old one just a little more.

Opportunity: It just so happened that a big home improvement store was on the way from the place where I had my diagnosis made. I passed it once and looked at foam stuffings but wasn’t quite sure about the size. But I took note to make some measurements before the second trip. So that worked out.

Necessity also made it easier to finally make a choice between the old cloth leftovers I had for the cover. I went with the better bit of my old Summer jacket, rather than the old blue jeans I’d originally considered. Better fit, all in all. Both in size and color.
Making the time to do all the handywork was harder to force because I had to do it repeatedly but once I was on the path, it got a bit easier to maintain. Also, I wanted that second chair out of the way.



Wow, TheMax! Love the idea of bringing the measurements next time (or even the third or fourth) time you’ll be passing by!

I would need to actually put them in my wallet/diary - something I will definitely have with me if I’m out of the house. But this sounds like it could really work!



Well, it’s still an extra thing to remember. Two if you count bringing the diary.

But both my flatmate and I found ourselves looking for shower curtains the other day. (Independently and not knowing about each other’s efforts.) I didn’t buy one but made a mental note to take measurements as soon as I next thought of it. And I did, the same evening. He bought a curtain and it turned out to be too small.

Needless to say, that was two weeks ago and neither of us has bought a full-sized curtain yet.




It’s like the story of my life.

I have a table on my porch that I’ve been meaning to do a mosaic on for 6 years. I just can’t seem to get past the part where I decide what to put on it and go get the glass.



Thank you for this story. I love how you pointed out the aspects of necessity and opportunity. So far from our stories I’ve gathered that when something is necessary it pushes us to get the job done. I’ve heard this idea of urgency talked about before with regards to adhd. If we feel there is an urgency with either a desirable reward or unwanted consequence, then the project becomes easier to complete. So a way to “trick” ourselves into focusing on a job could be by doing some action that makes the job more necessary. Like your completely destroying the chair, or @SweetPeaJ having no couch to use unless she finished building one. I also think our own emotions can become the urgency (ie- if I don’t take this action I will go bonkers) As for opportunity, can we build in our own opportunity? Making the project easier to finish may assist in following through till the end. Delegate tasks to others, order things online, set an “appointment” in our calendar to work on/finish the task. Very interesting concepts and work arounds to finishing your project. Great insight!



Oops. Edit to add: While all of the story beats were true in this story, I just remeasured after suddenly thinking “how did I measure a 1.1m x 1.1 m shower with only a 2m meter” - and it turns out the curtain my flatmate bought without thinking of the measurements should fit, albeit narrowly.



Opportunity is harder to force because it does depend a bit on coincidence, but necessity/urgency (yeah, urgency is even better) totally works, I agree. Just now I’m working on a website I had trouble getting started with for embarrassingly long - because I canceled the old hosting contract, leaving me only a month to build the new site and launch it on the new server, or I’ll lose the url.

The thing about urgency is, the consequences need to be real. All the better if they’re immediate, like not being able to sit on that couch.

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Its funny but I do the same. I over analyze things and try to also get the perfect item for a job.

In school, I would have to get all the possible books before I could even think.