The process of getting a service dog and a job coach

Yass I wanted to share some exciting things with you guys.

So, last week, some processes have started. As I already have said before in the forums, I have difficulty finding a job at the moment. And I finally reached my last straw and called in for some help.

First off: work.
So me and my mom who helped a lot through this contacted a person last week and met with her about my jobs. In the Netherlands you have something called “Gemeentes” which are basically local governments of a few towns or a city. And they can offer you things like job coaches or help whenever you need it with work.
So we contacted someone from our local government and had an appointment with them. We have talked together and it turns out that I can have a job coach, who’s gonna help me find a job, cover some insurances and stuff I get from not having work, and if I have work, to help me set in to place any accommodations I need with me and my future boss. The job coach is just like a little extra handhold to help me get things done around work. They also offered to get a coach for at home. This person will help me to keep my daily rhythm and just get things done at home. It’s like a professional accountabilibuddy.

Then there’s a next thing I’m very excited to talk about. I have done some research myself on service dogs and tried to contact some places to get some more information but I didn’t get a lot out of it. And since I’m still in the hands of foster care (yes I’m a foster kid) I decided to contact my foster care worker to ask if he could help me. He himself also has ADHD so he understands our struggles, which I’m very happy about. He was thrilled when I asked the question, cause in his years and years of working there he never came across a question like mine. So also we sat together around the table last week and we’re gonna try to see if we can get a service dog for me. Obviously I have Jessica to thank for this cause she gave me the idea. And foster care will try to help me pay for it and all that so that’s also amazing. Me and my boyfriend already wanted a dog. But it would be amazing if that dog could also help me out with my struggles and make things like grocery shopping or getting my chores done a little easier.

So, I just wanted to share this positive news with y’all and inspire y’all to also reach out for help if y’all need it. See, we’re the ones having to adapt in a world full of neurotypicals. We’re forced to learn to act like them when we’re just different. So to have people help you to function in this world is not bad. We’re not neurotypicals so it’s only logical we would need some help at times. I will keep y’all posted on any updates on this topic so y’all can see the process of all the things here.

At the moment my foster care worker is also busy contacting our local government so the service dog thing and the job coach thing can fall together a bit and we can keep each other in mind when we’re in all the processes. I myself jus have decisions to make right now, which I already made. I’m now just waiting for a message from my foster care worker so I can share my decisions.


Great idea . . .

Not quite the same, but we just welcomed “Ollie” into our family. She is a Havanese. The breed comes from Cuba. Today she is 3 months old and weighs a bit over 5 Lbs. The breed is famous as a “people dog” . . . Loves everyone and needs to be near her human family. Does not like being left alone. My wife wanted a Havanese, given its genial nature, to train as a Therapy Dog . . . take her to hospitals, nursing homes, etc. to cheer up sick, lonely, depressed, anxious people (young and old).

Here she is with Lucy . . . our 7 year old rescue . . .

The three of us (:sunglasses::dog::dog:) wish you the best with your plan


Awww that’s adorable :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

And that’s a beautiful idea. I wish you good luck too. Thank you


I would like to warm everyone with emotional support dogs to keep them in the USA. Approximately 100 countries will not be allowed to export dogs due to high rate of rabies. That includes your dog.

I want to inform you that many sites offer to register your dog as an assistants or service dog for a cost. They sell harness and ID so everyone will think your dog is the real thing. This is illegal and can be punishable by fine or jail.

Do not touch a service dog or in any way distract them. They are working and their job is to keep their partner safe.



I live in the Netherlands but I already kinda was half aware of that. Here in the Netherlands it’s required to have your dog injected to rabies, so here you’re safe. But I know they don’t do it everywhere so yeah you can expect it. Doing a vet assistent education helps. :rofl:


My dogs just went for their vet visit. They got their shots and a physical. Strangely I just went to my doctor for my physical. The dogs are very healthy accept for allergies. They are very supportive as I of them. I never had to teach any of my dogs to be emotional support dogs. I have worked with them for physical support. If I loose my balance as we walk I can lean on them or use the leash to keep me from falling over. I do not hook the leash to their Collar so they hardly notice.


Aww those are such cute floofs! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

My dog has been a natural emotional support dog bc she was there in my lowest low. She absolutely knows when I need her support and comes to me right away when she notices something is off. Sometimes even before I myself notice it. It’s just that I moved out and my dog stays with my parents at this point. She comes over every now and then though, but that obviously isn’t enough to help me every day :rofl:

This is what my floof looks like :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I know we are all writing in English but some words confuse me. floof ??? Please educate me. I moved from north to south US and had to learn new words. My vocabulary always could use the help. :smirk:

shopping cart or buggy
braid or plat

You get the idea.


Floof means fluffy animal. It’s just a word that people use for that


My wife has been saying “floofy” for probably the whole time were been married. She’s gotten everyone in our family to say it at some point.

The way she uses it, “floofy” can refer to a fluffy animal, a stuffed animal, a person’s hair, a soft blanket, whipped cream, marshmallows, or “warm, fuzzy” feelings inside one’s heart.


@Bubbles17 @Bubbles17
So it is like fluffy. Thank you both for the vocabulary lesson. Since I do not hear everyone talk I sometimes forget that this forum has people from all around the world.

Off topic question. Where do I learn more about YouTube? Jessica and others mentioned tapping a bell to get notifications of new videos. I have subscribed.:butterfly:

Thank you for helping me. :brain:


I think that the bell is always close to the “Subscribe” link. It is just to the right of it on my phone, both in the YouTube app and on the YouTube website in the browser.

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Little update guys: tuesday me and my foster care worker have an appointment to meat each other again and we’re gonna look at the websites I’ve choosen to inform ourselves a little more. I let you know Tuesday what comes out of it


Thank you for the help. I found the bell only on the app.


Yaaay I have an update

Me and my foster care worker have sent out some applications and emails last week to inform ourselves etc. And we’ve also got responses. So I emailed back today. We’ve got a but load new amount of information which is amazing.

There’s quite the chance we’re gonna go and get into the process somewhere in the near future. Im excited :tada::tada::tada:


Hey @Bubbles17 , have you tried ,

Good luck

Yes I’m under psyQ now. I’m under GGZ which is a company that’s also run by psyQ