The small things we forget/do wrong

I always find it funny how we forget or do the smallest things wrong. It’s not something serious most of the times. It can get frustrating though. Yet I always find myself laughing about myself when I think about these things. I’m for instance someone, almost every single morning, when I go downstairs to eat breakfast. I always end up opening one or more cabinets asking myself why I just opened it and close it again. Sometimes I really didn’t need to be in there. Sometimes I simply forget what I was doing. I have a very strict kinda order in my morning routine. Yet I always end up doing it :joy::joy::joy:
Or simple things as turning the lights off or closing the door. I forget it. It’s not that I don’t wanna do it. I just forget it.

I’m curious what small things you guys forget or do wrong. Just to have some laughs about ourselves. This ain’t a competition or so. Just some things to laugh about that we have as brains, and neurotypical people don’t.

Me getting ready for work:

Gather shirt, pants, underwear…can’t find socks. Go upstairs for socks. Go toward the kitchen and start looking for my medicine bag, which I normally take into the bathroom for my shower so I can take my inhaler and pills while I’m putting on my make-up. Bring my medicine in the bathroom and take a shower. Start getting dressed…where are my socks? Darn it! Finish getting dressed and go upstairs to make my lunch. Putting stuff in my lunch box…where did I leave my phone? etc, etc.