The very side of my ADHD I despise

Yeah funny story time.

Me and my bf were looking around for vacations to book for a weekend in September. We found a relative cheap one. So I wanted to inform myself further into the whole booking proces. The combination of a slow phone, impatient me, and not outlooking me cause me to accidentally confirm and now I booked. Fortunately I can cancel the vacation for free within 24 hours so I can call to cancel tomorrow (they’re closed now).

Honestly, I’m lucky now. This could’ve costed me a lot of money. Just wanted to share this so y’all don’t feel like a failure too much cause we all make such mistakes, especially us here.


I hate making mistakes myself but then like you said impatience comes in and make alot.


I really hate all the things that travel with ADHD.
I have been diagnosed with ADHD, depression, anxiety, ataxia, essential tremors, sensory processing sensitivity, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and hyperreflexia.

I am lucky enough that my depression may be fading so I am slowly weening of the antidepressant medication. Anxiety is a common for those with ADHD. You probably recognize the term dyslexia that causes reading difficulties.

You may be clueless of the rest. They are disorders that cause difficulties in balance and movement of voluntary muscles, one also causes very quick reflexes. So if I step on a dog toy my leg may pull away causing me to lose my balance. Sensory processing sensitivity causes a sensitivity to loud noises, itchy clothing, bright lights.

Some of things could make me sound autistic. I am not sure how any doctor diagnosis a person correctly.


Imma be honest I need to speak withy doctor about a few things And seek a diagnosis to see if I have dyslexia. I’ve literally never been good at reading I always am loosing my place in a big paragraph and just looking at say a book page looks Intimidating lol idk to be honest I don’t like the doctors.


I still can not spell. My mother did smoke when she was pregnant. I had low birth weight. My father also had great difficulties spelling. I have ADHD. This information is from The Mayo Clinic.

Children who have dyslexia are at increased risk of having attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and vice versa. ADHD can cause difficulty sustaining attention as well as hyperactivity and impulsive behavior, which can make dyslexia harder to treat.

Adult symptoms:

  • Difficulty reading, including reading aloud
  • Slow and labor-intensive reading and writing
  • Problems spelling
  • Avoiding activities that involve reading
  • Mispronouncing names or words, or problems retrieving words
  • Trouble understanding jokes or expressions that have a meaning not easily understood from the specific words (idioms), such as “piece of cake” meaning “easy”
  • Spending an unusually long time completing tasks that involve reading or writing
  • Difficulty summarizing a story
  • Trouble learning a foreign language
  • Difficulty memorizing
  • Difficulty doing math problems

Oh fun yes never finna go get treated then I don’t wanna be in doctors office for long periods, and for those symptoms I have the first 5 and 4th from bottom. I’m not saying I have it just saying those I’ve always struggled with. I’d never self diagnose.


My boyfriend is also dyslectic. In his case it often makes for funny situations. Recently he read something wrong because he missed a letter and that made a curse word. That was so funny :rofl::rofl:

My boyfriend also can’t spell. He’s a dyslectic as someone can be but it belongs to him. If he wouldn’t have it anymore it’d be weird.

I myself have always been a good reader. In elementary school I was even ahead of most people in class and got a level up with like 3 other kids.


I was looking at my inbox for my email and thought it said for conservative voters. I’m not conservative but I am into conservation.

I started slowly at reading but was a college level reader by high school. I have major problems remembering what I read.

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No my reading level just kinda got stuck at one point. Harry Potter level is about the max. Reading any adult books is pretty tough. In both Dutch and English. I need baby language :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Edit: I think that’s more the difficult words issue then the reading itsself. I’m a fast reader. I just don’t know what half the words mean :rofl: