the way it feels when you take the right medication..

I wonder how does it feel when you take the right medicine with the right dosage? i know you shouldn’t fully rely on medicine but i wonder how do i know if what my doc prescribed to me is the best for me? i got prescribed concerta which led to some positive improvement, but still something is missing like i still feel unmotivated and lazy, and studying is still very hard and i get very impatient when trying to study.

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I’m not sure exactly what the small differences are between not quite right and optimal, but I do know what it felt like the first time I ever took my meds.

I sat down to work, expecting to do the usual ‘bedding down’ (you know how a dog turns round in circles before settling down? :roll_eyes:) and to my astonishment I could get to work immediately! Later I even managed to get back to work after a break as well!

I am not sure why I never had such an amazing experience after that though :woman_shrugging:


for me it felt great the first time but afterwards i noticed that it isn’t changing things as much as i was expecting, i am trying to change my routines to be more productive but i don’t know it’s still a bit of a struggle.

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Medication, even the right medication, may not do everything for you. I find that medication doesn’t help me with motivation. It helps me with focus, and being able to get things done once I get started. It helps me sustain attention on tasks and conversations, and also helps me get unstuck faster. That being said, it’s doesn’t fix everything and it wears off in the evening.

I think it’s worth having a discussion with your doctor about what your expectations for medication are. If you want it to do something that it’s not doing, ask the doctor if another medication or another dose will. Maybe it can, but it’s been my experience that there are things that the medications can’t provide, even if it’s the right medicine.


my focus got a little bit better, but still when i am alone studying i still get distracted by my own thoughts , it’s not like thoughts that come by fast, it’s like a long loop of thought and i find myself all of a sudden doing something else. it’s like i still need to feel pressured or watched to do anything which is annoying cause i really need to do stuff without having to be terrified by a very close deadline.

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The coaching helped me with that. I made colour coded planners and had meetings with the coach every week/fortnight /month to discuss how it was going.

The accountability worked a bit like a deadline. Meanwhile I also improved /created some good habits.

I now have a planning buddy instead of a coach. It’s early days but we’re not as good as the coach yet :sweat_smile::see_no_evil: