Therapy or Executive Functioning Coaching

So I just found this channel recently when I started trying to understand my ADHD more, and as I’ve been learning more and also as I get closer to graduating College and needing to make my way through the real world, I’ve decided that I need some outside help to better figure out how to manage my life.

As a little bit of background, I got diagnosed fairly young and have been able to mostly get through school by relying on medication to focus. Once I got to college and realized I couldn’t just take medicine in the morning and let it keep me focused in class all day then wear off in the evening anymore however, I’ve been slowly getting better at using my medicine as a tool to boost my own efforts at managing my symptoms. Most of that has involved creating a routine for myself that was based around my class schedule, and I could then adapt that routine to fit a new class schedule.

Now that I’m graduating however, I won’t have that class schedule to build my routines around, and I’m hoping to work in Technical Theater, which isn’t a career that lends itself to regular, predictable work hours, and I have no idea how to incorporate regular routines when I could be working everyday until 2am one week, then only work half of the next week, but starting at 8am.

My question is this. I assumed the best option for help would be trying to find a therapist, but when I talked to my Mom about it, her first thought was finding an Executive Functioning Coach. She’s supportive of me getting either, but how do I decide which is better, or else which should I try first?

I’m also open to any suggestions from people who have had to incorporate routines into very unpredictable lifestyles.


I was lucky that I got a therapist that is tough and she will challenge me to be self aware. Even if sometimes she’ll make me sit in awkward silence until I figure it out and I can say “yea ok I understand now…“

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I’d like to know what you choose and why.

Also, I should probably check out EFC and figure out what that is haha.

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