Things that I like to do that are engaging to the point were my ADHD goes away

Something that I like to do when I just want to feel engaged and yet calm.
When I want my ADHD to disappear and my work is complete so my parents won’t come and ruen the moment and my mood is this. I like to play Forza Horizon 3 while at the same time listening (NOT WATCHING ONLY LISTENING) to movie clips or playing movies using my laptop CD player. and this alows my brain to fully engage and I am calm and in control and this is when my meds have worn off. it feels great I can’t describe it. It’s like I have a non ADHD brain while still playing a game and listening to a great movie. Highly recommend it and its can be with any movie that you like.


You might want to delete the part where you encourage and offer to help with illegal activities…?:sweat_smile:

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Yo, I have something like that too!
I’m a senior in high school and whenever we study film, it’s like my adhd is gone! (Btw I’m planning on being a movie director and make big things for the rest of my life)

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??? Whaaaat???

It was edited out, don’t worry about it.:wink:

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if it was what I think it was it’s not illegal where I’m from. :sweat_smile:

I used to do something similar. I’d choose either a lofi, classical, or videogame soundtrack playlist, or a podcast to help me focus at work (now my phone is banned so that blows and I need another backup plan so I don’t end up wandering ADHD forums while working… like now…), but I find doing that and drawing or crocheting turns my brain off for a few hours when I’m in my downtime. I’m terrible at crochet but its quite the fun fidget and you get a free scarf or hat by the end! Gratification!

Maybe this will help those who are like me and video games have the opposite effect on them but still would like to try something similar to this. I get too engaged and hyper focus in.

My ADHD is inattentive but severe so I once played Zelda Breath of the Wild for 24 hours straight. My boyfriend had to come home and take the switch out of my hands to force me to go to the bathroom and eat something.

I still game of course and will reward myself with a round of Skyrim if I have had a good two or so weeks, but I set a timer for myself and let everyone know in advance to kick me if I get stuck!


I went kayaking by myself at the lake last Sunday. Being out in nature where it beautiful and peaceful is the best thing for me. Being alone also is helpful to me because for me being around people is very distracting for me.

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I do that with writing and sometimes reading. I always put music on so I can ignore the sounds of people moving around in my house and then I can sometimes sit down and start writing and lose track of time lol. Sometimes people have to come up to my room to find me and actually tap me on the shoulder I’m so engrossed lol.