Thinking about jobs

I’m in a huge dilemma here

I’m thinking whether I wanna actually continue to apply for jobs.

See ever since I remember I’ve always been an intuitive person and it’s always right. To me the signs have been clear that I’m not supposed to apply. I get refused everywhere or just no response. And I just have a strong gut feeling that I shouldn’t. But I have family and my boyfriend who are pushing me to do it cause me and my bf can’t afford to only have him work. So, I don’t know what to do. I know my feeling is never wrong, but I also can’t afford to just abandon anything.

Idk what to do


It seems that your circumstances are providing you with the answer . . .

Then comes the hard part . .


There are alternatives to working a regular job. One person I worked with a couple of years ago had a sideline income for a while transcribing videos. (The service that he did gig work for is called, but there are others.)

There are other gig work services, too, like Fiverr.

Doing gig work, might be a way to try different kinds of work to find what you like to do, and maybe discover hidden talents.

I understand how you feel, given the bad experience that you had with that one manager. I had a bad work situation for over three years, and it was mostly due to a bad working relationship with the manager I had then.


Work doesn’t ignite my motivation either. My wife struggles with work too, because market doesn’t really want people like us.
There are always lots of work in any household that doesn’t include money. Think about expenses you and your BF have now, and what of it you could do yourself. Maybe it’s cooking, maybe it’s utilities maintenance, repairs, or something else. Anyone is useful, and it shouldn’t be measured in money income.

If there would have been some food processing appliances that made different food from single crop, then we really would have considered to grow our own. That, and power generation.
I really don’t like doing a job - i can, but i made quite a long way not to do it as much as i can. I don’t feel like a human when i am restricted by tons of rules and expectations about how i should do it. Companies should get themselves a robot workforce already if predictability is what they prefer.

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The thing is though: I don’t feel like a normal job is the cut for me. I’m not even supposed to be doing that. That’s more what I’m talking about. It’s not even the bad experiences with my work cause my last job is certainly not the only bad experience I’ve had.

Its more that in my gut I feel like a normal parttime job is not it for me. Even if it’s in a field that I like. I’m now applying at horse stables cause I love to work with horses. It just feels wrong to apply for jobs. Like I’m not supposed to be doing it. Not bc I don’t want to. That’s the whole issue.

It’s the same thing as a year back. I wanted to take a year off from school cause I felt like school wasn’t cutting it for me in terms of: I wasn’t supposed to be there. I was forced to stay at school. Then shortly after I quit school anyways because I just couldn’t keep up anymore bc of the whole healing process and burnout issues I was having. So that was the universe telling me I was right about that. And now the same thing goes for this. I feel like it’s almost a crime to apply, because I feel like I’m doing the wrong thing. I’m like breaking the rules. And like I mentioned before, my gut feeling/intuition has never been wrong in situations like this before. It seriously crushes me right now.


Maybe do self employment, show your ADHD creativity.

People with ADHD are disproportionately likely to be self employed.

I think you should apply for jobs, give it a go, it is much harder to get employment, the older you are, especially with ADHD.

Even the rubbish jobs in a call centre, I learned things, I can get a reference, you can make friends, you might like the job.

You learn things, such as interview technique.

I know at my age, I might never get real employment for the rest of my life, if I do it will probably be a Data Analyst in the UK Health Care system.

You live in the Netherlands, maybe ask for government employment support.

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