This is How I (almost) Never Lose My Keys.


This little guy lives on my fridge which is right next to my door.
I call him Steve and he holds my keys for me every day.
They are cheap, brightly colored and magnetic!
I always give Steve my keys when I get home and know that he will hold them for me until I leave the house.

Does anyone else have ideas to share on keeping track of their keys?


Make sure to thank Steve every day, because the poor guy looks like he’s hanging onto the fridge for dear life. :smile: That, or he’s secretly Tom Cruise from a Mission Impossible movie.

I always just keep it in one spot all the time whenever I’m not using them, and that’s in my backpack (and always in the same spot in my backpack). This way, I’ll only take it out whenever I need to open my doors. Once I don’t need to use it anymore, I always make sure to put it back in that exact same spot. There have been some isolated incidences where I placed it on the kitchen counter or in a different spot, however. Yes, I had many tiny heart attacks every single one of those times. Still haven’t 100% lost my keys yet, though.


I’ve got the diy lego version :smile: right by the door


Wow, that is amazing!


Steve ROCKS!


My trick: I put my keys into my purse which i always have on the same spot. Works like a charm <3 never lost my keys in years (again)