Time blindness and Sewing

I’m really lucky to work for a great boss, but we both know efficiency is something I struggle with. I was handed a task today that probably should have only taken about 20-ish minutes, and of course I have no clue how long it actually took. I just knew I was taking too long on it and then started rushing, which always causes me to make stupid mistakes and cut corners that she then has to point out to me and make me take even more time to go back and fix :sweat: It’s nice that I am beating myself up about it more than my boss is, but I want to be better and more self sufficient at my work so she doesn’t have to micromanage me. I know now that I need to get back into setting timers and wearing a watch, but I just get so tired of having to take extra steps to cope with basic stuff.


Same here. I am coping using similar methods you have. I explained to my boss I may need the extra attention sometimes, and just let her know I am trying my best. My performance has improved as proof. Just be honest with them and yourself and keep sticking to it. My boss was just happy I’m trying my best and showing results because of it!


I had sausages in hotdog buns with bell peppers and onions for dinner. Just thought y’all needed to know that.

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