Time managment

Random question…

I read that people with ADHD are prolific at being late for everything, however i am never ever late and when i am it sends me into a crazed panic/frenzy!

I leave everything to the last minute all the time, but have always been early (super early) or “just in time” .

Do i even have ADHD :thinking::thinking: is what my brain is asking me.

Also i was diagnosed a few months ago as having Combined ADHD…

Yeah, you’re not alone on that. I’m the same way about being late, I get really anxious and panicky at the thought of it so I leave suuuuuper early just to make it on time or 15 minutes early lol. You probably developed that anxiety as a coping mechanism, it wouldn’t be uncommon :thinking:


For me before I was medicated for adhd I was always late for family functions but school and work or horseback riding lessons I was on time however you should have seen what getting out the door and to where I was going looked like. Before leaving I spent 5 min tearing my bedroom apart looking for my car keys, then it was an average between 2-6 times of me getting in my car and getting back out and running back into the house for something I forgot. I would often be down the street and have to turn around and drive home then when that was done I drove very fast.


I am much the same when i was going through diagnosis the doctor asked if i was always late. My answer was no. My wife was with me and said thats because i leave an hour early for everything. I didnt even put those things together. For me that was just a learnt response. If im late it makes me anxious. So i leave super early for things.

But in the same breath being early usually has its benefits beyond being relaxed. Better seats at some events. Easier to get parking. Sometimes at doctors i will get an earlier appointment.


My psychologist politely requested i turn up 5-10 mins early rather than my usual 30 mins early :rofl:

I’m never late anymore because I hate being late and I’m aware it’s a problem. So I always set timers and get ready early. As I got better I just kept showing up earlier and earlier. I know a few people who have the same thing.

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