Time traveler syndrome


I have this situation I decided to make coffee and take a short break for working for 3 hours. But when I checked the time it’s been an hour passed since I took that short break that I thought is just 10 minutes


Welcome to our club :grin:


Ha ha. Cool. I wish I could make a 12 hour shift pass like that…


I don’t know. Give me a hard enough coding problem and my six hour shifts pass by in no time!


But the problem is, it only happens during breaks. I wish I could do that in my working time


Just do something you enjoy doing, and time passes so quickly. But do a job you hate…

When I worked with computer graphics, I’d often go past the end of the day, without even noticing.


Yeah working on computer makes the day really fast.


I have hyperfocused for long hours on coding or various hobbies or painting or reading; and only noticed the passage of time when my hands start shaking from not having eaten for a long time! Now I drink lots of tea & water which forces breaks every couple hours or so :slight_smile:


@khagen I was just thinking what a brilliant idea this was, then remembered that my bladder also has superpowers when I go into hyperfocus :woman_facepalming: :joy:


I had a similar problem before being put on Lithium and Risperdone. Now if I ignore the need to pee I just wet myself.