Tips for Dealing with a Busy Mind

I wanted to share this article and resource I came across today.

The opening of the article really connected with me:

Prior to my diagnosis, I assumed that my inner chatter, curiosity, questioning, hypervigilance, and overthinking were pretty normal. I wondered why no one else seemed so completely drained by the end of the day, but I did not yet appreciate the extent to which people with ADHD dwell inside their particularly busy heads. Yes, I am always taking in other people’s thoughts and opinions, but the real exhaustion came from contending with my own, disruptive inner chatter.

The article goes on to identify some strategies to deal with an overactive mind and manage some of the thoughts that we might face. It may be worth a look for some people who can relate.

9 Calming Strategies for a Racing, Restless Mind” from ADDitude Magazine

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