Tips for dealing with self-harm thoughts

I really hope that the topic won’t trigger anyone.

I’ve been dealing with self-harm in my past and I’m constantly working with inventing healthy ways to cope with the thoughts. Since I’m probably not the only one(especially how common is to have depression/anxiety with ADHD) I thought it would be cool to make some topic where people could share their experiences and tips. :slight_smile:

I sometimes feel really frustrated and anxious and can’t find a way to cope with the thoughts and sometimes I can be ‘totally relaxed’ but still think about cutting or other ways to kind of reduce the inner feelings of frustration and piled up stress.

When feeling like that my number 1. thing is to draw to my hand, leg, body, literally anywhere I feel to. I don’t know why but usually that helps me to direct my thoughts elsewhere for a while and get over the worst. It’s not the healthiest either(I dunno about chemicals in pens) but I still think it’s a lot better than doing something more harmful. You don’t even have to be an amazing artist, I usually just draw some shapes over and over again and do some dots and triangles and stuff like that :smiley:
Yea, also not caring much being 23 years old with drawings on body, who the hell cares. :smiley:

Other is drinking water, angrily. :smiley: Or what I mean is I just get up if I’m sitting and walk to the kitchen, grab a glass of cold water and drink it fast and if it’s not enough I drink more.

Of course then those, go to outside or take a shower things are really good too! I just often can’t do that in the middle of the night or it feels too much to even go out.

So what are your thoughts? Have any good ways you want to share? :smiley: These are just 100% my own experiences so I dunno if they work with others but it would be cool to hear your ways and ideas. :slight_smile:

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I think your tips are great! I deal with the same thing. Its like my brain has established a path and it’s first answer to stress is to suggest self harm. I’m lucky that I have never actually done it. But having your brain constantly make those suggestions has a huge impact on your mood and outlook on life. I keep working to reset this path my brain has chosen. God it’s hard. I’ll add some of your tips too

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This reminds me of another thread Self-help ( it got kinda off track but you get it )
I really like your drawing!!! And the angrily drinking water thing sound sounds like a great idea :yum: I used to go on a swingset and swing as hard as possible while listening to angry music. I eventually started doing it to clear my head or just have some time for myself and it was the best decision of my life! It’s a physical activity outdoors, plus you feel like you’re flying :laughing: