Tired, Lazy or ADHD?

I did 21 hours at work at the weekend, which is alot more than I do normally, fixing problems that were really someone else’s but since I was the only one there and I work in healthcare, I had them on my watch and on my conscience & you got to do the right thing. So today I was off, and I did sleep late, but I just haven’t been able to get chores done. I’ve been having a bit of emotional stress with worries about my elderly mother and my siblings, who live 500 miles away too. But I would just like to get the stuff done. I can’t wait for perfect conditions or give myself a week off to ‘recharge batteries’, and I feel if I do it won’t work, just set the right conditions for procrastinating and brain ‘off roading’ as Jessica so perfectly puts it. I need a kick in the pants but can’t be bothered to do it …


Sometimes you also need time to attend to your self care. Taking a mental health day, relaxing, or just even letting some things go is an important part of that process. Try not to beat yourself up over not being a go getter every minute of every day.

The motivation may still be a struggle at some point, but it will likely be easier to get motivated if you’re not exhausted or burnt out. If there are things you’re struggling to do, it can be useful to watch some of the HowToADHD videos on getting started, but even those may not be necessary if what you’re trying to tackle is stuff you’ve already been successful at in the past.

Be patient. Be kind to yourself. Know that it’s okay to relax and not do everything all the time. It sounds like you need a bit of a break, so make sure you take it. If you’re burnt out or pushing yourself beyond a healthy limit it’s going to have a much more negative impact than taking a few extra hours or days to recharge your batteries.


Taking time off makes me stressed as doing nothing feels bad, so I will just have to chunk stuff up. I burned out properly one time years ago after months of overwork and trying to do a good job in a terrible, unethical company, told my boss to (fill in what you imagine I said) walked out of my job and then ended up burning though my savings and paying my rent with a credit card… put my career back 12 years as well. The company failed and was sold for $1 eventually. The scariest thing about the 8 weeks of unemployment was the feeling that I could just let go of being responsible and end up losing everything and end up sleeping in the park and I would be OK with that. It would be a kind of relief to not have to try any more. I really didn’t like that feeling. I think I will just have to chunk stuff up and do what I can when I can. Its frustrating though.

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I am in a similar situation. Have balanced job, family obligations, chores etc. for years. Before Christmas I collapsed. felt terrible for letting everybody down. Still do a bit. But not so stressed. Obligations have not disappeared. Something I have to do, no matter what. Future is uncertain.
I could probably continue as before, now that I have rested a bit. And end up in an early grave. Somethings you must do, but there is a limit. Take care of yourself. Give yourself enough rest. Do not feel bad about it. You give your best and nobody should expect more


Sometimes less really is more.

I think we’re all trying to do too much and for what? To consume more of the world’s resources faster?

We don’t need as much as we think we do.

The other day when I fell off my bike several people took time to help me. Very occasionally I have also been able to help a fellow human being in trouble, but usually I am too busy racing from a to b to stop and help and someone else does that (there has always been someone else, luckily! I wouldn’t actually let someone lie on the ground alone just because I would be later still if I stopped).

But on those rare occasions that I take the time to slow down, I see beautiful or important things I would have miseed otherwise.

Less is more.


I have problems doing chores, like laundry, washing dishes, just bare maintenance stuff, decluttering,
doing my taxes, I’m not complaining about not being able to ‘use up the world’s resources’ by some kind of consumer spending spree. That would be easy.


Sorry, I was kind of combining what you said with what Didrik M said.

But it kind of applies to chores too. I don’t iron my clothes anymore. I stopped doing this about 20 years ago. So that’s one thing I no longer have to feel bad about not doing… Are there any chores, or elements of them, that you can either just stop intending to do or delegate to someone else,for example for payment?

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Some days is supposed to be calm.

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