Tired of overthinking...


Hi everyone !
It is actually the first time I post something here and don’t really know how to start.
Do you feel like sometimes you wish your brain could stop overthinking everything?
I have been diagnosed in high school and since then everything started making sense !
But I have this enormous tendency to just overanalyse everything and everyone and no one is really interested in talking about it, and in the end I have thought so much about it that my ideas are not even so interesting any more … it just gets annoying cause in the end i feel like normal talk, and normal discussion are soooo uninteresting and I wanna burst all the energy that i try to control just to look normal and not be “too much” for my friends…
That is the worse feeling because as i am studying a lot i feel like nothing in my life is exciting enough too get rid of all this energy i am craving to put in something interesting …
And now that i wrote all that i feel like it doesn’t even mean anything anymore :joy:
Sorry for the bothering, just needed to share …
PS : my english can be really poor as I am no native!


I relate to this very much.

I overthink most things, and I often find conversations predictable and boring because my brain has already gone through that conversation in my head ages ago and my thoughts are way further by now, and I’d rather talk about what I’m thinking about ‘now’, rather than backtrack my inner monologue constantly to stay relevant to what’s currently being discussed. If that makes sense.

Especially if it’s a topic that’s on heavy rotation, like politics is right now for example.
It becomes tedious, not because the subject is boring per se, but because I feel like it’s just repeating the same conversation over and over, and I don’t have the energy for that.

If I know I can’t sway someone’s beliefs on something, I can’t be bothered with the conversation altogether, cause it’s such a waste of mental energy to me.

Or another example being a topic I know lots on sometimes. I get overwhelmed by everything I know about a topic that I can’t be bothered talking about it at all, cause I feel like I need to explain all of it to make sense, but I don’t have the energy to give someone a lecture on a topic. Nor would they probably even want that anyway.

Guess it boils down to not being able to do things in moderation. Always been an ‘all or nothing’ person.

Anyhow, feel like I’ve fallen into my own mental rabbit hole here. So in conclusion: I very mich overthink too. It can be interesting at times. I have some very interesting ideas.
But other times it can be exhausting and I just wish I could “take a chill pill” every now and then.

Edit: just wanted to include here that this often happens to me reading forum posts here too. I often read threads that I feel I have so much I want to contribute to, that I often don’t reply anything, cause I get overwhelmed by everything I want to say, and the thought of it mentally exhausts me. And that in turn makes me feel terrible, especially if people are looking for sympathy and advice on problems. I want to help, but my brain just overwhelms me with ideas.


100% i do aswell !!!
My day today was planned but didnt go that way
1.Doctors appointment 9.20
Arrived at 9.30 , got distracted with my car and things that need cleaning on it.
2. Physio 11.00am for my shoulder as ive had a full replacement back in sept. Arrived 11.30 , was doing paperwork at home then thought about a new way of fitting a new bathroom and kitchen and started playing a game on the phone.
3.lloyds bank 14.00 take in paperwork to finalise new account . Well i didnt get there started watching polictics now then parliament channel and then while also having a debate with a mate about something ridiculous. While also thinking about new colour scheme in my new flat .
4. 17.07 im thinking now i need to go out and chill out.
5. Got to go out need to get my precription, i forgot.
I still feel a really lost but it will get better !!!


Me too… example my intro was edited a thousand times… lol. I sometimes reply and get carried away in my thoughts… to then erase it all and say no one is going to read it anyway.


I just tend to go with it these days, let it flow. I seem to have an “auto mute” which doesn’t really work, but sort of puts it into the background just a little more than I used to be able to (sometimes).

I tend to find things where over analysis either helps, or doesn’t harm.

I’m interested in history (among a million other things). Lately I’ve been watching videos on Youtube, and getting caught up in the comments. When people make insulting comments to somebody else about things they don’t really know, I’ve been writing long posts explaining the reasons why they are misinformed, and trying to get them to think about their lack of thought.

Either they ignore and move on, or they argue back. So the over analysis helps me get my facts together to present my case.

Pretty harmless, mostly.

But over analysis has also helped me see things that nobody else can, and find solutions to some problems more easily.

I don’t know where you are from, but writing in a foreign language is a difficult skill, so don’t apologise at all.


Being too much and annoying are probably my worst fears. I overthink and worry a lot, especially when it comes to relationships with other people. Like I never know if I should write a person again and if so, what. If the person doesn’t respond for a while, should I ask them whats wrong? Get angry? Just send something funny? What I really want to do usually: Shut up and wait, because it’s okay not to talk to me.
Can’t seem to do that though.
So I write something, than say sorry for being annoying… and feeling annoying for doing that. :'D


I did the same thing with my intro. It is very rare for me to just right something and post it. And if I don’t make changes I usually obsess over things like: Is the context correct? or does this make sence? Will I accidently offend any one? And at least 100 more examples off the top of my head. I will probably check this over at least 3 times before I post it… And I did just that! lol


I can relate. I do over think everything. And depending on who I am talking to that can be a real challenge. Most people just think I am a quiet person and I’m not. I just know that I can be over whelming and I am so tired of conversations that leave me feeling like I did something wrong or stepped out of line.

I have actually exhausted myself with thinking. I will be so deep in thought that I will pace the house thinking about something and by the time I have all the details worked out I’m to tired to do anything about what I was thinking/planing that I just wind up taking a nap and I never get to that task. I literally overthink everything from cleaning my house to filling out birthday cards. (birthday cards are the worst! ether over done or under done never just right!) And yes normal talk is so boring! I need deep conversation the kind of conversation that makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something. You know?


“There is nothing of interest for me out there, on Earth, at all…”