Tolerance breaks (amphetamine medications)

This is probably going to be short and sweet because of lack of mental energy and the concern of writing 7 pages that are just confusing if I do add detail.

So i’m just wondering, for those of you who have been prescribed amphetamine based medications, namely Adderall (mixed-amp) or Dexedrine/Dextrostrat (dextro-amp salt), as well as Vyvanse (lisdexamphetamine), essentially an amphetamine salt that isn’t methamphetamine, how long does it take for a tolerance break to give a decent tolerance reset.

And also what strategies do you guys implement, I’ve done this before actually so you would think I would know, I think I actually had a notebook for this but I think I lost it and don’t feel like looking.

So far actually withdrawal has been pretty great, like emotionally I feel pretty good most of the time, I see I do think a little more hyper-actively, I got soap in my eye yesterday which i’m going to blame on not being medicated, but besides that and the constant need to eat and never feel full, at least emotionally I’m doing great which from prior experience isn’t always the case when you cold turkey.

But the little things in life are becoming absolutely draining, I had trouble hanging up my shirts, like it was just taking too long, and too much mental energy for as simple of a task that it is.

I’m trying to eat high protein and stuff, multi-vitamins as well, vitamin D3 works well if anyone else is doing this, also gotta give a quick shout out to bison.

Now with me, and idk it might be because of ADHD, cooking depletes all mental functions of any resources, it seriously takes too much focus, for too long, then cleaning up, and w.e

But I gotta say yesterday I had my first Bison burger and it was amazing, it tasted like a better version of a regular burger, but this tiny patty, was only 250 cal and 29g of protein, but it kept me full for an entire night, when I could easily eat like 3 regular burgers, it was kinda crazy tbh, so shout out to bison if anyone is going through a tolerance break.

I try to exercise, but my treadmills been having issues, I also have some like uncoordinated so it’s quite common I injury myself which gets annoying, I also have awful exercise-induced asthma so I take Bronkaid when I jog, so I kinda don’t wanna do that because ephedrine is a CNS, and that could kinda defeat the purpose of a tolerance break, but I still try a bit.

I keep forgetting to meditate, or think about it, like yeah ill do that right after this, and then not recall it for 2 days.

But try to let me know what helped you guys, the duration of a tolerance break that really helped tolerance and that sorta stuff, like I said, emotionally I’m doing pretty good, I talk more and stuff, so that’s good for now, but seriously just like tasks drain me mentally far more than they should, I’m not saying that it’s due to withdrawal either like I’ve always been like that, I’m just wondering non-pharmaceutical interventions for it, and also subjective advice on duration of tolerance break etc.

I’m still going to reply to some of your comments on other posts guys! just right now, it takes me a lot of mental energy to reply and read and such.

Toodles !

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I’ve been on Vyvanse for about a year and I haven’t had any tolerance issues. From what I understand from the literature there is no real significant tolerance, but of course every person is different.

Have you stayed at the same dosage? The reason you increase dosage is because you build a tolerance to the drug. Amphetamines have a weird tolerance profile, and yes everyone is different as well.

Vyvanse is sorta the weaker of the amphetamine drugs being that its a pro-drug, this could be why you build such a slow tolerance to the inactive lisdexamphetamine, but it slowly turns into the active dextro-amphetamine salt.

But just about everyone builds some form of tolerance, other wise we could just stay at the dose we were prescribed when we first started, i’m already considerably under-medicated as it is, I’m supposed to be on Desoxyn (dextro-methamphetmaine) but don’t want to for now due to it’s higher oxidative damage.

I’ve taken Dextro-amphetamine or some other form of it, (vyvanse which turns into dextro-amphetamine, or adderall which is 75% dextro-amp) for over 4 years, and i’ve noticed my tolerance to it, now i’m not even at the max dosage esspecially right now, because I don’t have a strong work load currently I like to reset my tolerance so I don’t have to subject myself to higher levels of oxidative brain damage later.

But i’ve done this before, just this time feels really slow moving.

I was titrated up to the target dose I’m on now. Not because of tolerance, but for maximizing effect. Dr. William Dodson has talked extensively about how it can be beneficial to titrate to the highest tolerated dose to produce best effect. My current dose has been effective and I haven’t yet gotten any tolerance. I also don’t take medication holidays, though I do sometimes forget doses.

More simply does not mean better, if I were to take 10 mg of amphetamine salt taking a 100 mg would not make me focus 10x better, it’s more likely to make me either very high or tweak, most likely causing anxiety which would actually decrease focus a lot.

The reason you titrate to the highest dose is because of tolerance, if you took the dose you take now, when you first started, the effects would be different, and more likely then not, produce a high and such, the reason you can well tolerate your current dose is because you built a tolerance to the drug.

Not trying to really argue, just more so wanting you to be aware that tolerance is an unavoidable part of amphetamine based medications, not saying there’s isn’t things you can do about it, but making sure you are aware as it is important, that the reason you have been titrated to a higher dose and the reason you can tolerate that higher dose, is due to tolerance.

It doesn’t mean that you lose all the effectiveness of the medication, when you lose a great portion of the effects of the medication and need the drug to avoid withdrawal symptoms, that’s considered true tolerance.

But either way, you lose some effectiveness of the drug period, due to tolerance, there’s reset mechanisms, mostly abstinence, there’s some anecdotal mechanisms, but the reaility is, there’s no way to completely avoid tolerance build up, and you should be aware of that, it could prevent problems.

Now do note that Vyvanse (lisdexamphetamine) is a little different compared to the less synthetic amphetamine salts, due to the fact that while it does in fact turn into dextro-amphetamine salt, it’s delivery mechanism is much slower than that of a non pro-drug instant release medication such as adderall and that can influence tolerance characteristics.

But the reason you slowly increase dosage is due to tolerance, other wise you could easily start on 70 mg of Vyvanse, but you can’t, or more so shouldn’t, because you haven’t built a tolerance to the drug, its more likely for you to experience adverse reactions and for the mechanism of action to be too strongly exacerbated for it to actually produce a medicinal effect, where a dose of 30 mg of Vyvanse starting off would be more likely to produce medicinal effects in-comparisondrug response .

But you may not have much of a tolerance being, that you are on a pro-drug and it’s only been a year, as i’ve said, i’ve been taking mostly instant release for over 4 years, but tolerance is an innate part of amphetamines.