Tools I Use as a Software Engineer

My first non-hello post, figured I would start by sharing what works for me…

  • I bullet journal religiously, and use pen/pencil (I love new pencils, fountain pens… Just discovered Kuru Toga pencils - they are amazing and totally distracting enough for me to derail my first bullet point…) Also, I use leuchtturm1917 Dots and/or currently obsessed with Code & Quill dot/lines
  • At the end of the day, I dump my todo’s into (highly recommend), then work off of that on comp/phone - i set it up by place - ie: At Desk then by project/priority, so when i sit down in the morning i show just ‘High Priority’, then when those are done I filter to ‘Med priority’ etc… .
  • Fidget toys * 1,000
  • google home integrations when not at desk, they are all over my house “Hey Google, add pay bill to at desk list” - great for total flash of panic need to remember something when not near an notebook/phone/computer

Man, I wish I could do that, but I look at IoT devices and all I see is risk and vulnerabilities. :sob:
I’m gonna need to look at that website though.
I tried bullet journals. I just… forget to use it. Need to try again. I think I need something smaller than the one I had.

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Ha, I won’t say they are unfounded concerns - but, Alexa is bad, it records/uploads your requests - Google (believe it or not) doesn’t unless you give it permission to on error… you can opt out - all the ML/Voice is done locally and only calls APIs with key words (i’ve had many conversation with Google employees on this, and tried to hack it :slight_smile: ) – they also have kill switches - most of the scare is just that, especially on these.

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Really? I would love to see some notes on this! Do you have any, or can you point me somewhere to see some stuff on it?
My wife kinda wants one, and I want to look at it first. (I do 2nd tier IT at a small/midsize retailer, and since we have a couple “driveby” malware incidents, and I am looking to cert up and out, I’m doubly interested.)
How is the firmware update schedule? Is it regular, or do vulnerabilities persist for a while before patching?

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Sure - to start, you can see ALL of your google stuff on [google dot com]/myactivity and in there are security options/privacy settings as well.


If you have a newer device, it uses on-board ML to analyze speech - if you have an older, non-pixel phone or older Google Home it does send the audio snippet (and only that one piece) off to Google hosted ML to process, but they really are super security sensitive too

I have all mine to auto-update, i’m not 100% sure on patch release, but my google wifi, speakers, phones, etc… all stay up to date automagically

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