Tools We Wish Existed

We have quite a handful of threads about tools, gadgets and apps that help us get things done or in order or or at least in a bit less of a shambles. I don’t know about you but I can say they helped me a lot already.

But every now and then, I think: If I had an app that does this, now that would be helpful! or: This tool sounds pretty nifty, but why doesn’t it do that, too?

This is our wish list. And who knows - maybe some of our fantasy gadgets already exist and we just don’t know it and somebody else can point us towards them!

I suggest to stick to one tool per post so people can build on an idea or react more directly in case something does exist. Apart from that, no rules! Go crazy! (Or, go constructive, depending on the wishes.


I’ll start!

Activity-suggesting video streaming

Somebody (maybe it was Jessica in a recent video) suggested to block some time for watching Netflix between tasks but with a timer on so you’ll actually stop watching at some point and do something else. That made me think.

You know how Netflix suggests the next video to watch? Or, even worse, YouTube? Now imagine a streaming app that somehow also interfaces with your planner and suggests a selection of tasks you can do next instead?


Sounds good, how about a decision making device to counter procrastination? Enter all possible options and out pops the best choice!


I believe I’ve seen this task management system on sims… I personally find it a great way to think about/gamify life. You can opt for the game to give you set tasks to complete when your sim really needs to use the bathroom or eat something. Now to integrate that into a real life interface…


The Neuralink from Elon could be “our thing” - sometimes I get mad because I have nothing on me or within my proximity to make notes and sometimes even transmitting the thoughts with a pen or keyboard feels too slow and bears the risk of losing track.

Replying made me think…will search now for a “shower thoughts” whiteboard to purchase. Seems to be a market gap…


How about a catalyst for energy transmission to our minds? So what you see/hear will motivate you and/or create a chain reaction in real time. Some “beat your own weaker self” mechanism should be implemented, so the effect is key and not some subjective values (content for example probably never was King on YT).

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