Trackballs are awesome fidget toys

I stopped using a regular computer mouse last year, replacing mine with trackball mice. Originally my motive was ergonomics: I work on the computer, and I relax on the computer–tendonitis is a very real concern :stuck_out_tongue: .

I’ve realized in the last week that I fidget with the ball constantly. At home I use a Kensington, which has a poolball-sized ball that can be easily removed–which I do so I can roll it around in my fingers while I read. At work I have a logitech trackman marble, where I sometimes remove the ball but mostly just spin it back and forth.

I highly recommend trackballs to pretty much everyone, but especially to us pernicious fidgeters that can’t bloody sit still!


I miss my trackball. It crapped out on me a few years ago and I haven’t had the money to replace it.

I never think about getting one for my work. That would be great. wanders off to ponder

The Logitech Marble is $25 on Amazon and is what I use (and fidget with) at work. It’s perfect, unless you prefer something you can use left-handed. I also have the Logitech Trackman Marble at work for left-handed use, and it’s usually about $30 on Amazon.

A managed to snag a used Kensington Slimblade for about $35 on ebay (a damn steal, really), and it’s the best hand fidget I currently own xD

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I just saw this discussion. After wanting to try out a trackball for many years, I got one at my new job. It took about a week to get used to, but now I use it very intuitively.

I hadn’t considered hour it could be used as a fidget, but I’ll give it a try!

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I have not use a trackball in years. I used a trackball so I did not have to move my shoulder as much. This is the one I remember.

My original computer.


A real fidget. My student gave me one.

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