my son who also has adhd has a constant tremor in his hands, he cant hold them still and they shake like you would if you were cold or nervous, i am not particulatly worried about it, as it reminded me that i had the same thing when i was a child, ive no idea when it stopped but i have no recollection of experiencing it in adulthood.

does anybody else remember having these constant tremors as a child or have them now?
just wondering if it has anything to do with adhd.

Also a similar topic but different cause i think, is that I do shake uncontrollably when i am angry, it looks like i am nervous but it is more i would say shaking with rage, but it doesn’t take much to get to this point, sometimes something as small as being cut up by another driver, i think this is to do with emotional dysregulation, does anybody experience this too?

Tremors definitely seem concerning. It’s worth telling your son’s doctor about (or, if your son is an adult, him telling his doctor about).

I haven’t experienced tremors, but I know this does happen with some people who have ADHD. It’s listed as a possible side effect with some medications, I believe.

Also, there are comorbidities for which tremors are a more common side effect. Tourette syndrome is just the best known, but it is sometimes a comorbidity. Autism can exhibit tremors (I think it’s not very common, but it’s been listed in things I’ve read about autism.)

(I have no idea if epilepsy is a comorbidity of ADHD or not, but epilepsy can cause a person to have seizures which resemble tremors, not just the grand mal seizures that the disorder is best known for.)

Other neurological conditions unrelated to ADHD can also cause tremors. The one thing in common between ADHD and Parkinson’s disease is that both disorders are due to a dopamine shortage. (Not meaning to scare you. I’m not aware of any other connection between ADHD and Parkinson’s.)

I’ve heard of the term “trembling with rage” used in literature. I wonder if the characters it’s been used about would have fit the description of ADHD. It does, to my mind, sound very likely like RSD. (My own rejection sensitivity turns me inward, causing me to feel anxious, rather than angry.)

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Mine too, but when my vegative/autonomic nervous system is under too much tension and I get too much into myself I sometimes different parts of my bodies start shaking as if to release a tension. It helps a lot to relax if I don’t try to repress it but rather exaggerate it very much and even take more of my body into it. E.g. if I have a tremor in my hand I try to take it in my arms and let it flow in my body. It releases the tension that is built up in my body and brain.

But otherwise @Samuelburns I agree, you and your son would be more relaxed if you mention it to his physician.

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i don’t have tremors. i would def get it checked if you haven’t. my friend has a tremor. it runs in her family. it’s benign.

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thanks everyone, i have checked with a doctor before and they weren’t concerned about it, but they didn’t give any explanation, i will keep an eye out for any changes though.


Yeah, often tics are benign. If the doctor wasn’t concerned, then that must be the case with your son.

Usually, the only problem is people who don’t know how to respond. What is the appropriate way to treat a person who has tics? Treat them the same way you would a person who doesn’t have them! Like a person!

(I meant tremors, not tics. I was thinking about my coworker friend who has tics.)