Trouble remembering diagrams and other visual stuff

Hey, kinda new here. I was just wondering if anybody else here has a hard time remembering diagrams and other visual stuff like a design or something you’ve seen? I hardly remember diagrams and maps even if I’ve spent hours on it. Thanks in advance!


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I personally remember diagrams and visual information okay. (Not perfectly, but usually well-enough to get by.) However, I may not remember much of the verbal components of the diagram, but if the visual helps me to make a mnemonic or a strong relationship- correlation, then I might remember the words better.

I have a hard time remembering verbal information, especially if it is auditory. If it is verbal information that is written out, I can recall it a bit better (because it is not just verbal, but also visual information.


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Verbal vs. Visual?

Diagram vs. Text vs. Auditory

OK now you’ve got me thinking. I realize that I am expanding the scope of this inquiry, but that’s just the way my mind went with the idea.

With a doubt I do not listen carefully. Depending upon who is speaking, how they speak and/or the subject matter . . . along with other variables, and especially when I am tired . . . What seems to drop out of my memory quickest is the first part of a verbal message. I will usually get the general gist of what I hear. But as it is with my reading, there are holes in it’s entirety.

When I was being evaluated for my ADHD, after reading a paragraph and then asked to summarize what I just read, there were a number of holes in my summary . . . Which I filled in with details that were not in the original text. The evaluator remarked about how “creative” I was . . .

As @j_d_aengus knows, I pour a lot of my creativity into pun making . . . “Once a pun a time . . .”

But here I digress . . .

I’ll stop with that silliness . . .

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I remember visual information much better than text. I remember text better than verbal. Until the google maps app came along, I always looked up printed maps when visiting a new address. People’s directions usually confused me!

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Actually, and not scientifically surprising, I remember smells best! As a kid I could identify what was for dinner as soon as I walked into the house. Occasionally, I would turn on my heels and walk back out . . . much to the chagrin of my mother!

There was also the smell of leather in the “Five-and-Dime” store in mid-August. OMG . . . school was coming! In my day some of us used leather brief-cases for our books and *bubble-gum . . . only the nerds . . . yeah! I was one of them . . . probably now too!

See you folks around . . .

I’ll spare you all any odiferous references :rofl:

Then again!

*OK forget the bubble-gum

(Stay well :brain::brain::brain::brain:)


Welcome @Techy_Rita , your problem remembering diagrams and maps shows poor perceptual organisation, a symptom of dyspraxia.

The problem is more dyspraxia than ADHD, maybe a working memory issue which is common in both dyspraxia and ADHD.

Half of people with ADHD have dyspraxia. 40% - 50% of people with dyspraxia have ADHD.
People with dyspraxia and ADHD have poor working memory.

I have dyspraxia, ADHD and aspergers traits.

I do not like travelling on new roads.

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