Try Different! (College)

As I’m about to leave working at the university that I last attended, after working there for 10 years and still not finishing a degree, I started thinking about going to a different school.

I looked up information about one university that I know is lower cost and completely online (WGU - Western Governor’s University). I knew that they have a program that lets you go at your own pace, but I learned something new:

  • Their curriculum is competency-based. If you can prove your mastery of the course material, you can get full credit at the beginning of the class (not have to go through weeks or months of reading, study, homework, quizzes, etc).

So, do you all think that an ADHD :brain: would do better in this type of program?

  • Go at your own pace
  • Get credit for competency

(I’m not signing up right away, but I know I’ll make a better wage at the job I’m starting at on Monday once I do have a degree.)


Sounds great, i think credit for proving you understand and can put into practice whatever it is you are learning about is more suitable for people with ADHD and many other types of people, but for me the going at your’e own pace thing would be a problem, as much as I hate the deadlines, without them I would take so long to complete anything, if i ever completed it at all.
But I get the impression that you are more organised than me, so for you that may be more positive.



I really like this idea JD. I think that especially when it is interests based it stimulates us more to pull what we do know and how we understand it. (I have no meds in me so If I am rambling, I am so so sorry).

I actually do this and have been for the last few years with college. I am a scribe (Go figure, I can’t take my own notes but if I am taking them for someone else its suddenly this skill I never knew I had) so I work with students who have ADHD, or Physical/Learning disabilities and take their notes. I basically get paid, to take notes, without having to turn in the homework, and I learn a whole course I never had to pay for. So if I added up all the scribe work I’ve done that’s about another year of university. This has helped me test higher in certain areas. I also loved watching the local college broadcasts on cable that talked about things like Science and Math College Courses from when I was in the 6th grade.

The one thing, is I feel I’m a “Jack of All Trades,” …“Master of None.” - because there were always gaps in my competency exams I’d take. Again, essay prompts were a struggle because I couldn’t manage my time to say what I meant to say. (Ohkay I forgot what I was saying here so I’m going on to the next shiny line I see)

There are a few other things I know you probably may know but I learned them a few years ago. Certain Colleges are not accredited so if you place them on an application for a job years down the line, they may not translate and the job may still require you to go back to an accredited college to prove it. There used to be a list online of unaccredited places but I am not sure if it still is posted.

I also LOVE the aspect of not needing to do all the other work! I currently do not feel homework (aka struggling to get anything in on time and feeling as though I put in so much effort when no one else does, but it doesn’t matter if I missed the small details of the question - ok rant over lol)…homework shouldn’t define us, neither should quizzes and all the menial things. If we can explain the big picture and narrow in on the parts that interest us doesn’t it matter?

I am excited to hear of any concerns you may have and hope this brings a great new journey for you!