Try to introduce myself

Hello Brains and Hearts,
I started to watch ‘How To ADHD’ because of different things. A few people suggested that I could be autistic (a teacher, an asperger and a few other people). Because of that I started to inform myself about that topic and talked with my friends about it. One of my friends is a Brain and suggested that I could have instead or additionally ADHD. First I was affraid and rejected that (I wasn’t informed about ADHD and thought in stigmas). After a few other people suggested that I maybe could be a Brain, I started to inform myself. Now I am waiting to get diagnosed (Autism and ADHD (my date for that is in October)). I found ‘How to ADHD’ in the ADHD-Guild on Habitica (without Habitica I wouldn’t get anything done). I am really proud of myself that I am trying to participate in a forum and I am curious how all that will be.

Usefull to know about me:

  • student
  • queer
  • 22 years old
  • live in Germany
  • happy to answer any questions
  • like to find new people

Hello and welcome, cupkake! :wave::grinning:


Welcome, Willkommen!

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Welcome to the forum cupkake (: