Ugh...Working In A Kitchen....


Well I’ve finally gotten a new job and it is in the kitchen of my local hospital. Never worked in a kitchen in my entire life so it is pretty intimidating. It is fairly interesting because there is always something to do. It can be super tiring plus I still plan on wanting to go back to school for my Master’s Degree. Sometimes I even question myself why I even accepted the job sometimes. Haha I know I should try to be grateful but man is it hard. My question to the community is how do you keep yourself going knowing that a job is so tiring but necessary?

  1. Keep your eyes on the prize. Know why you are doing this - what are you saving for/what fate awaits you if you don’t have a job?

  2. Be kind to yourself in other ways to compensate. It’s a tiring job, so plan downtime that allows you to recharge your batteries. Whether that is socialising or vegging out at home, or a combination of both.

  3. Put your stuff ready to leave the house the night before /hours before an afternoon shift, so that when it comes to getting yourself there you’ve made that step as straightforward as possible.

And lastly, kind of linked to point 1: if we understand why we make the choices we make, we can feel more at peace with them, even if we are choosing something we never imagined would be top of our wishlists. For example, for years I felt bad that i was not using my talents and qualifications. Then i learned this lesson
about choices and understood that choosing to work close to home to be available for my young children if they needed me was actually more important to me than what kind of work it was.


Thanks so much. I’ve been on this app for quite a while. I always know I can trust the advice I get on here. Gotta keep my eyes on the prize but chill when needed too. I will definitely keep all of that in mind. Always good to hear advice from someone else even if I think I have the right answer already. Just gives a good insight and path to follow when I may forget or get tired of whatever it is I’m doing.


Thanks fir the compliment and the reminder that I should ask for advice here more often :smile:


Hehe no problem👍


As Lustforlife said,

I spent about 8 months in fast food back-of-house doing prep work and dishwashing. I also found it stimulating at first, as there was too much for one person to do and I was constantly challenged to find ways to boost my own efficiency and every day brought random, messed up problems.

Eventually I got to a point where I could handle the workload. While the random problems never go away, I was able to scrub the dishes at speed on autopilot. This is where things started to go bad.

My mind always wandered to life’s worst moments, from mortifying moments in childhood to the genuine trauma of losing close family. The latter was especially fresh at that time. I spiraled into those thoughts so hard while I scrubbed pans that after a few weeks I was having suicidal ideations.

What saved me was reminding myself that fast food was a stopping point for me. I was supposed to be looking for better work the whole time, but I got complacent when I had a paycheck every week. I decided, screw that, I’m teaching myself some IT skills.

I self-taught some basics at home, and it was like flipping a switch. Instead of zoning out on past misery, I was zoning out on bash syntax, programming concepts, how I might fix that pesky Apache configuration I couldn’t figure out the night before…

I got a new job after three months. I might have ended up attempting suicide at that point, instead, but having a goal pulled me out of depression and changed my whole life. I still have that “new” job today, recently got a raise, and couldn’t be happier about my career choice.


Another interesting take and some awesome advice. I was honestly thinking about learning a new language. I was starting on Japanese because I love following Japanese soccer but kinda fell out of interest for a bit. But I still have my notes. Yea for now I’m only a week in so everything is still stimulating for me because of learning new stuff. I should follow a bit of your advice too. Thanks so much for the input. I truly appreciate it.