Uh, Hi there


Thought I’d finally force myself to post a intro thread and say hi to every one on here since I’m new here.
I’m a 23yo Male and was diagnosed with ADHD combination type when I was a little kiddo ( i forget the exact age I was).

For the longest time I never really thought much about my ADHD. I always thought it ment I couldnt focus very well and was more fidgity than other people. Then back in 2017 I just randomly started reading a article online about ADHD and it went deep into a lot of the symptoms and that is when my jaw hit the floor. I had no freakin idea ADHD caused so many things! Finally, it all started to make sense to me, all these years and most of the horrible issues I’ve had seemed to be related to my ADHD. It was nice to finally have answers to things I’ve been wondering about myself for years.

Needless to say my ADHD has had a horrible impact on my social life and career life. It’s very very hard for me to make new friends and some times it feels even harder to keep the ones I do manage to make. I always end up scaring them off or pushing them away by just being how I am and I hate it. My emotional impulses are not good and people call me bipolar or psycho, etc… It really hurts :frowning: Jobs are about the same I usually get irritated by some thing or some one and open my mouth and get fired or I just have a meltdown and walk out the door. The longest job I think I’ve ever held was probably 6 months. Most others I only last 1 or 2 months…

Anyway, that’s my intro. Thanks for reading!


Welcome to the tribe.


Welcome Friend.


Welcome fellow Brain! There’s lots of good stuff floating around this forum. Maybe you’ll find something to help!


Hello Sora! Welcome!

I SO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU MEAN. I thought the same about ADHD, then I learned more at the start of this year and my jaw dropped. Like… I had no idea ADHD caused so many things and hit so many facets of life. I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with work though. As for social - that’s really shitty of them to say. It’s not only mean to you but it’s a disservice to those that are bipolar and have psychosis. They don’t sound like people that are very supportive at all. I’m so sorry Sora :heart: I found that my greatest friends are… hilariously… other ADHDers. Some undiagnosed. Some diagnosed. Because they understand and don’t expect me to fit into society’s mold. But it’s hard… I had a lot of neurotypical friends and I never felt as comfortable with them as my neurodiverse friends. Not to say all neurodiver people are people I get along with, or that I don’t have the occasional neurotypical I get along with fabulously. But hopefully you’ll find some more supportive friends in time. :heart: