UK brains government epetition

We need as many UK brains to sign the petition, forward the petition to as many people as possible , in order to ultimately increase awareness of ADHD in the UK ! ADHD needs far better recognition in the UK !


Signed thanks for this its much needed.

For anyone in England struggling to get an assessment look up “right to choose” the nhs has a legal obligation to allow you to be reffered outside of your catchment area, which is especially useful if like me there are no adhd services where you live.

It worked for me :slightly_smiling_face:


@Samuelburns I had a nervous breakdown prior to getting a diagnosis of ADHD. I have dyspraxia, ADHD and aspergers traits ! I have had no support .

I live in Surrey. The waiting time is 2 years for a child and an adult. In Hampshire it is a 3 year waiting time .

I got a diagnosis, privately. Many psychiatrists turned me down, because I had diagnoses of dyspraxia and / or aspergers traits .

I am taking Concetra and getting treatment !

It is too late ! ADHD had caused me big problems in life !

I am embarrassed. The GPS fo not do enough to support neurodiverse people !

The NHS is badly managed !

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