@robm Rambling is good Rob and i know that shit feeling as im still up and down like a yo-yo.
I wrote a note to the twitter moderater and mod for Howtoadhd about 1.30 this morning asking for help , she tweeted before when ive been tweeting adhd stuff on there and she speaks to Jess regularly and DR Hallowell
Check out SuperBRAIN on Twitter.
-•-HowToADHD-•- Community Management Team
Also getting views from Dr’s aswell also reading medical papers which im doing is factual ammo science to go with the brief.
Ive also been going through Parliments sessions and hall sessions and to this date it only looks like there has only been one debate for adhd in the commons. But there has been one MP on this since 2002 and adhd as such is buried in with other mental health conditions and not much on adult ADHD. I will send you links .
So far we have a good 15 storys which on there own accounts are shocking more will give us a better spectrum of time scales and delays.
But this only the 4 th day, i have recruited my mate in Norway he has our super power and is briliant at hypofucus paperwork and arguments against any political organisation that is biased in any way. Today i spoke to him and it was a texting only day as he was on one . But any project i work on with him i always email the docs etc cos if im explaining it to him … it dont work as im going at 200mph and he cant keep up with it LOL… but as i say going with facts and medical facts plus personal experience will work best and along with you vids to explain to my mp as it is alot clearer to understand and quicker.
Samual @Samuelburns on hear is going setup a facebook page for this to spread the word, did you want to help him do that as he said hes not to good at iT , the momentum will build fast on this which will aid the campaign but remember this is start at the meeting so as long as we have a good foundation of facts figures for the meeting the campaign will start and buildup from then. As they said Rome wasnt built in a day. But with our Hypofucused super brains maybe 2 days :smiley::wink::grin:
But i think we should have a meeting for this project in discord online chat app available in play store and i tunes.
Agree with your suggestions ref your first message.
Im going to have a chat with a mate who has a 600’000 sub base on youtube and facebook if he could put a message out there for me. He offered to help me before with a model ship building shop i was doing online which kicked off my little business, i dont if you know the mighty jingles on youtube but thats him and he only lives down the road which is handy for a quick chat.
But i will post the commons links in a bit and its nearly 5.33 of a mega hypo night.
My email is
My Twitter is. Andy wynn@ValiantC20
And my discord is linked to that aswell.
Uploads after coffee intake at Costa drivethough.
Cheers And


Hiya Emilia, how are you … thanks for the message and info it will be a great help!! if u can think of any other uk brains who would like to join ive left my details on a message reply to Rob in this thread.
The forum shutdown ment i diidnt get to reply untill sunday ,but i saw all replys in my email but couldnt respond and it was much appreciated and moving that you and other uk brains💖 sent me your personal stories straight away thankyou
Kindest Regards Andy


Thats only a couple of the state of things more to come



No problem at all :slight_smile:
We’re all in this together, and if there’s something I can contribute to make diagnosing and treating ADHD in this country more efficient and better, then of course I’ll help :blush:

All of yous contacting your MP’s and getting active in this are the true heroes!


Hi Andy I have set up a discord account Samuel burns and a server IDA improving diagnoses of ADHD.

If you could find me on there to see if ive done it correctly that would be great.


Thankyou Emilia , :grin::grin::grin::grin:
@Samuelburns has set a discord chat server up for us to discuss ideas i will send you a link so you join the group … discord is app on playstore and itunes plus also on pc. Regards Andy


I will pop on and find it mate great job … just watching parliment and the destruction of democracy :grin::grin::grin:


Thats my discord account name as im struggling to find you Sam!!


Discord is up and running follow the link in international :wink:
Cheers Andy


All uk.brains good news ive messaged dr hallowell and he is going to put me through to his team to see if they can help me present a brief with the best facts possible
Pass on this to any of the uk brains i didnt list pls
Kindest regards to all of you


Thanks for the heads up, but I’m afraid I don’t even have a UK MP any more. I gave up my right ti vote in the UK after my proxy voter accidentally voted for the ‘wrong’ person on my behalf, thereby getting an extra personal vote, which I didn’t want to happen again. (It was the year the Lib Dems were riding high, and Caroline Lucas made history for the Green Party, and I always had difficulty deciding between Labour and Green anyway. In the run up I changed my mind several times, finally deciding that Labour was the safest bet. In her enthusiasm for Caroline Lucas, my dyed-in-the-wool Labour supporting friend was convinced that Lucas had been my final answer. So I accidentally helped make history after all :sweat_smile:

Also my diagnosis was in the Netherlands as I had no idea until long after leaving the UK.

Watching this thread with horror and admiration though, to be honest. I feel so sorry for UK brains on this :slightly_frowning_face:, and impressed that you are taking action.

Good luck!


My local MP was one of the MPs who just left the labour party, so I have no idea what’s going to happen there :sweat_smile: Does it mean I’m going to have a by-election since she’s in a different ‘party’ now??


Also my diagnosis was in the Netherlands as I had no idea until long after leaving the UK.

I recently encountered someone who was diagnosed with autism in Poland, but when they moved to the UK, the diagnosis wasn’t recognised and they had to go on the waiting list for re-assessment. Have you ever had this happen with ADHD?


I only go back to the uk on visits, not to live, so I’m afraid I wouldn’t know.


Ohh that well who is yours , i dont know whats with that but i know they might have to stand again.


Thanks for your message , your be surprised that a couple of mp s are really trying hard with this issue but it needs real pressure and i honestly think with the more people we get the better😁


Not to sure if you still need info ?

I’m in Devon.
Asked my GP for a referral due to realising my sons diagnosis was well, me…
That was April 17.
Chased it up Nov 17 after a lets say a “breakdown” in my mental health.
I was told in April the waiting list was 18 months.
In October 18, I got a letter saying due to understaffing my appointment was delayed 12 months.
Luckily for me, my care co-ordinator was having none of that and contacted the adult adhd service and requested they re consider due to the massive mental problems I was having, and that my ex wife was using my undiagnosed adhd as an excuse and reasoning for not letting me see our kids (nasty breakup)
I finally got my appointment in November 18 and was diagnosed that same day.
Since then I can say the adult adhd clinic have been epic. Just the time it took was unreal.

The doctor who diagnosed me stayed on from his retirement for two weeks until I was put on medication.
The doctor I see trying to sort out my meds, usually sees me on her lunch break.
The state of adult adhd diagnosis and the pressure put on the staff is just unbelievable here.

Hope that helps.


Did you have the meeting today?
How did it go?


Hiya I was walking out of the door and I had a phone call from my MP asking to reschedule for till after the Brexit Fight had finished next week and she had been summoned to London and was really sorry but she has me as the first appointment when ever theres time this week or next week inbetween the Brexit crisis and civil war lol :wink:


Thanks Ian i will add your story to the case thanks Andy