UK Brains i am tired out and might need sone help with the campaign



Hey i might need some help pls on the campaign im a bit burnt out and could do with some general help please we have 7 days to get psperwork in
Cheers andy


Everyone on my facebook is talking about this at the moment and personally I think the uproar is a little much… my ADHD is a HUGE hindrance on my driving, and I can’t drive unless I’m medicated - medication which may show up positive for speed or cocaine on a drugs test. I have no issue letting the DVLA know that I’m on meds. People who can drive fine without meds, and whose ADHD doesn’t affect their driving, would surely have nothing to fear because the DVLA just wants to assess their driving capability.


It’s funny how at the same time the government feels the need for you to inform the DVLA if you have ADHD, they are unwilling to fund anyone in my area to even get an ADHD assessment :joy:


Its rubbish absolute trash​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


R they talking about this campaign did say :laughing:


Hey Andy what do you need help with? What paperwork needs to be done in 7 days, is this specifically about the DVLA thing, or the campaign about getting better access to treatment in UK?

It looks like they are backtracking on the DVLA thing, they’re now saying you only have to declare if it actually does affect your driving (was that how it was before?)


Hiya Tiddlypops
I had a major overwhelm couple of days and you know shut down just with pressure and other shit in my life going on i.e family not understanding me and infuriating me till the point of exploding just generally fucking me off.
But yeah i think if we had a chat on how i should present it on online chat Stucture the presentation of the case otherwise i know i will go off on tangents and properly end up discussing adhd rant brexit / unions and how local police are twats for example LOL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: so if you have time over the next day or two that would be great :grin: thanks Andy


DVLA thing thats Chris Grayson MP minster of chaos and burning money For Transport idea which has been as you said backed down because in laymans terms the man couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. I just saw the post in facebook on one of my Hypofucused mad session and put it up as gen information. But i can 100% say the DVLA are still run by a bunch of hypocritical bigots and run like Gestapo police station.