I’m a bit obsessed with the game and a lot annoyed at 45% of the fanbase.

Omg, back when the game came out it was definitely a hyperfixation of mine. And one that lasted for a pretty long time too. I remember I knew pretty much everything about this game - all the theories and secrets…

Yes, the fanbase is what was driving me away from the game as well, which is pretty sad. I don’t know how much of it changed, at least from my outsider perspective it seems to have shifted a bit (I could be wrong though!), but back in the day you could tell that the fanbase was VERY young and honestly immature. Both when it comes to content and the way they treated other people within the same fandom. I am not against younger people being active in fandoms, quite the contrary, I think it’s an amazing thing if people can get excited about games and shows. Just in this case, it really left a bad aftertaste.

Do you want to elaborate how the fanbase looks now, so many years later? It would really interest me

It’s a little better, but people are still screaming at other fans because of their opinions and making inappropriate content. But a lot of people are actually very civil. I’m still puzzling over how people could get so weird over such a beautiful innocent game.

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