Update on the forums

Hi alI,

I wanted to clear up a few things.

  • We aren’t going to be making any changes in the foreseeable future.
  • We will not move to a different platform without testing it out and having a good majority of the people here, on these forums & approving the change.
  • These forums will not disappear suddenly overnight if we do make a change to a new system.

Harley and I are volunteers helping out and our commitment to help guide people on these forums is something we cannot promise to be prompt on checking and answering. Our lives got incredibly busy and things need to stay the same for the foreseeable future. I just wanted to express that we cannot be dedicating much time here anymore as many of you can probably see.

Thank you


Thanks for letting us know and all the hard work.

The community seem to be getting along okay here.

Best wishes, Neil.


All that you are able to do is very much appreciated!!

Thank you,


Thank you for the time you have dedicated. Take care of yourselves!


Thank you for your hard work and also for not changing it because as an autistic brain during this stressful time that would probably be very overwhelming!


Considering how crazy everything is, it’s understandable… We appreciate you and Harley ( and all the other volunteers :grin: ) so much!!!


In light of this, first, thank you to everyone that is able to make this possible, it is a great outlet that you have going here.
Second, purely speculation, but one difference to consider in the future decision making process: (if you haven’t already highlighted this area)

  • perhaps if users could ‘submit a request for a new thread’ instead of being able to create them wherever and whenever.
    Then those moderating can categorise and organise the threads in a neater, more organised fashion.
    And those users unable to wait for a response, may be tempted to look through existing content further, to see if the enquiry fits, before creating another thread. :sweat_smile:

The categories you have already are great, I just think for both users and moderators, the sheer amount of different threads, questions and posts can be a little daunting, at the moment.

Again, not trying to criticize anyone’s hard work here or boss anyone around, just trying to help out and hopefully bring in an external perspective. :sweat_smile:


All the info is helpful. The more you can keep us informed, the better, of course. I thank you for both (1) all the extra (probably highly unpaid!) labor you put into these websites, and (2) all the ways you keep our best interests in the mind while you do that. We all thank you! :slight_smile:


You need more volunteers? If you have very specific tasks I can try to help and you can DM me about it.


Thank you for letting us know! Should we reach out to organizations that would have the time to dedicate to the forums? This place has created such a change in my life.