Upside of being Diagnosed late in life


So, I’ve got diagnosed at the age of 26. As many have gone through this you go through a grieving process when you are diagnosed later in life. You go over every major and minor instance in your life and keep thinking what if. You think of the person you would’ve been. and once you’re over that hump you start to accept the new you. But you forget that it’s not step 1. Yes, you were swimming against the current most of your life. You were fighting something you didn’t know but you thought. Everyone that says “but you’ve come this far and your fine” has a point. Not the one they want to make but they have a point. You have gotten this far. You’ve been creative, you’ve found what works for you and what doesn’t, you didn’t know why but it just did. You’ve developed skills. you’ve got to know yourself better than most. so it’s not step one, you are far more ahead than you realize. You’ve done more than you give yourself credit for and you’ve done it all without knowing what you were doing. You have been fighting it your whole life so from now on you can use it better, it’s not harder now that you know, it’s easier, you already have the skills, you just now know why you need them. So you’ve already got an arsenal of tools you didn’t even know you were gathering.
Now you’ve put on your ADHD jacket, it fits perfectly and you think it’s new but the pockets are not empty. You’ve been putting money in those pockets your whole life. They’re just a different currency, all you need to do is exchange them.


Yes absolutely!! I got diagnosed at 25! All these thoughts were rushing through my head as I was walking out of the office and back to the car, and then I remember thinking “hang on… I got a DEGREE? With undiagnosed ADHD?? How did I do that??” and was amazed by my own capabilities! I managed so much on my own!


I love the way you put things and I agree.
I never thought of myself less, maybe because I went misdiagnosed and under the radar my whole life and I learned to accept myself for my challenges, learned to hire others for my weaknesses. I hated living in turmoil and messes on the floor would and still do frustrate me. I lived life on a mouse wheel going in circles and getting nowhere was my normal it was exhausting, slept very little. I found little time for the fun stuff others were doing. I always ended up in my room in my own little world of thoughts and ideas. Never did I feel bored.
On the outside to others I looked to be successful, I dressed right, and walk the talk… I am usually the positive person in the room, again self thought, happy go lucky talkative, creative, impulsive, spontaneous and make people laugh. I love who I am, and proud of my accomplishments. I spent my entire adult life looking for solutions how to be better here and there read help books, never quite finishing any, Then I found audio books, which allow me to listen while I was doing nothing important and as long as I am interested in the topic, its worked for me.
I learned to journal everything, calendars, and push through… although I was not able to finish a degree, I did do short certifications of different industries… I can be called the jack of all trades master of none. that bothers me… the most.
I wish I would have learned about this a lot sooner and I know I would have have been off that mouse wheel and not wasted so many years of my younger self.
I am now realizing all the STRUGGLE and all the unnecessary waste of time I lived through. Many times in my life I kid you not, I felt defeated and because of the positive affirmations I tried and denounced negative thoughts as much as I could.
Now, I am on a mission to take life by the horns.