Useful ADHD friendly APPs

Getting in new Phone this week (wich actually works!!!), and i am eager to try out some apps that can help organize and strcuture day to day life.
Do you have any tipps on what to use? :smiley:

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Hmm… I just know about Apps that cost something.
the Time Timer App - a visual clock destined for Pomodoro technique (Google Android)
the Time Timer App - a visual clock destined for Pomodoro technique (Apple)

Forest - pushing your concentration and productivity by staying away from distraction, rewarding you by letting a tree grow, which can end in eventually a real one gets planted
(Google Android currently free)
(Apple costs)


Mynoise has lots of good sound scapes for drowning out the world.
Timetree is a calender app. You can share calenders with others.
Universal Diary for keeping notes.
Clockwork tomato, timer app for pomodoro technique.

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I’m an Android user, but many of these apps are also on iOS

Forest to work without distracting myself
“Lock Me Out” to stop me from using my phone past my bedtime

My core organization apps are:
TickTick for to do lists
Google Keep for notes
MyGroceries for shared grocery lists
Nomie 4 to track absolutely anything

Miscellaneous others:
Relaxio or Sleepo for white noise
Radial is a spirograph game I use as a digital fidget
RemindMe for randomized reminders

Brili is on my list to try soon (has a subscription cost)

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Personally I think relying on a smart phone and its apps up to 100% has weak points. If the screen time increases and you are spending to many hours with it, it becomes a distraction than instead being a tool. So better to keep that in mind and having an eye on your habits, thought. Its a good idea to have also strategies and tools, which are not demanding a recharge.

Enjoy your experiments. Hopefully you will find good ingredients for a good recipe. After all its a matter of the right amounts and dose to create a medicine or a poison. I squeeze my thumbs for ya…

Well I prefer low-tech over high-tech. :blush::laughing: So no warranty that my suggestion was a neat one.

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Haha, i totally get that.
I dont want to rely too much on my phone, but its a neat center for some things like shoppinglists, alarms, schedules etc.
I need a lot of reminding of what i wanted (and needed) to do while im on the way, and i dont really work that well with analog systems.
So at least i want to give it a try, now that i have a phone that dosent shut down every two inputs i make.

In the end it probably will come down to a combination of both, digital and analog, anyways.

Thanks for all the grat tips! :smiley:


:blush: I was curious about forest myself, my peers kept recommending it so many times. I finally had to try it out myself the past weekend. :laughing:

I think, I will include it into my winter strategies and routines. It feels a bit like gardening. I know that it was originally invented to reduce mobile phone addictions and procrastination, but for me it feels more like an accountability buddy keeping me company. Green trees and plants, nature sounds… I think in combination with my nature-based planner and other strategies, it can be really good at avoiding winter depression.

I had a very productive weekend and found back into some routines, which I started to have a hard time practicing last month. Splitting 3 hours in total in up to 8 chunks during the day, left me being not too exhausted at the end. I rewarded myself twice each day with larger breaks enjoying my favorite lets player and a nice hot cup of tea, plus a sandwich and a fruit. That was fun.

The interface has a low learning curve and is kind of cute. But…

I don’t think that the paid full version will be a necessary “improvement” yet. The App still seems to be in development and has indeed some drawbacks. The descriptive setting options make no secret about it. Some aspects to be aware of…

+ Plant Bug Solution
Planting something can crash very badly, if the App hasn’t been connected to Wifi for quite some time. So it is better to connect, before planting something. When the counter has started, it is possible to stay unconnected again. If the planting crashes, don’t push any buttons, especially the “plant it”. It will very likely mess up the forest.

Connect to Wifi, wait if the counter starts. If not, close the App properly, wait some seconds and try again starting and planting. Then you can disconnect after successfully having started a planting.

I know, because my impatience had messed up my beautiful Saturday forest. I had to make a fresh install and had to spend more time with the settings and description signs. But this issue was only describe in user ratings as far as I could see so far.

+ Withering of Plant Bugs Solution
There seem to be quite some bugs with plants withering done by notification settings and such. So again read carefully the descriptive signs in settings. Also it is better to let "whiter the tree when forest is closed" being disabled, because of the planting bug. Otherwise I would have had a lot of dead trees, because of an improperly working plant button.

+ I haven’t found out yet, how this App can give me an alarm sound.
I tried a bunch of settings. The background sound is muted by default, I couldn’t enable it to play as a default yet. If a session ends, the App doesn’t give a proper signal yet. So my currently only hint is the ending of the background sound. Probably you also will have to experiment with your phones.

Nevertheless, I do enjoy the App and use it with as less unnecessary settings enabled / disabled as possible. I like collecting the points for getting new plants and sounds. Funny, I had created a similar point system for my household duties in my paper planner. So it already feels like home to me. :grin: It will remain to be one of my at home only tools.

Being forced to connect, might be a big draw back for some people. Well, sending user data can be disabled and using the cloud is also not a obligation. You don’t even have to set a category or label for any session. And after disabling Ad rewards, I didn’t got bothered further with advertisements yet.

I think, I am done now. Enjoy planting your unique forest.

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more Bugs…
Ok, the forest App has convinced me that we won’t become friends and buddies. This App is going further Bug crazy on my ZTE with Android. It plants several trees at once, even I plant just one. It gives me multiple finished sessions when one ends, even it should not be possible. It just dropped about 650 points, getting stuck in notifying me about my 9 points rightfully earned, for the 25 minutes planting.

Very pity. I really did like the idea. I just can’t recommend it as brain friendly or userfriendly. Well, I got ideas how to improve my own point system in my paper planner. So I guess, I shouldn’t be sad to have tried my very best handling this App on my phone. It keeps refusing to work properly.

(Wow, I would have to pay 60 points for every Bug plant, I like to correct out of the history and forest. :flushed: … Bye bye App. Your are not nice to be just used as a game instead, too.)

It’s true what has been said in history… paper doesn’t blush, paper is patient.
I can rely on my paper solutions, it doesn’t turn on me… sigh.

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