Vyvanse and mood changes?

So, I’ve been on Vyvanse for about 6 months now. My experience is that it’s super effective for handling my ADHD symptoms. I’m able to focus better and really leverage my other behavioral tools to make my life work better. I also feel like it helps me handle frustrations easier and/or better.

However, my mom insists that I’ve been more impatient, aggressive, irritable, and downright angry when dealing with her since I started taking the meds. I don’t think she’s wrong, exactly, but I’m wondering if it’s less the meds creating the irritability and more because the meds help me boost my self-confidence so I’m less willing to just roll over when I think she’s being inconsiderate or hurtful.

I’ve also slacked off on watching my sleeping and eating habits, which I think can make me moodier. Plus, I just now realize, she said this on Saturday, which was smack dab in the middle of my monthly hormone spike. So, I just really, really, really don’t want it to be the Vyvanse that’s making me cranky, because I really, really, really love the effect it has on my productivity.

So I guess my question is, anyone else who has taken or does take Vyvanse, did you experience mood changes like this?

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I have seen some neat pictures of mood-tracking bullet journal pages. May be you can try this for a week or two but have multiple boxes per day? This can then be correlated with when you take your medicine. If a pattern emerges, you can then try to take some corrective action and/or talk to your doctor.

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So I never got around to doing a mood tracking journal. My mom still insists I’m angrier/more impatient than before medication, and still insists on believing it is the meds causing it. I’m going in to see my psychiatrist tonight, so I guess I’ll ask him about emotional side effects.

I haven’t been vigilant about my sleep or my eating though since I started the meds. I wonder if that could be causing some effects. I slacked off and was relying on the meds to solve my problems, which of course they won’t do. I have to continue my behavioral changes and lifestyle modifications. I’m realizing I’ve let things go a lot these last few months because of it.

The funny thing is, I really don’t feel angrier. I remember when I felt angry all the time, and this isn’t it. I feel more confident, and perhaps less tolerant of certain behaviors, but I also feel happier and better able to handle small setbacks. I don’t know. We’ll see what my Doctor says.

Wish me luck. I’m also going to ask about a rapid release pill I can take in the morning, to augment my XR. Right now I find myself taking the XR around 10 in the morning, just to make sure it lasts past 8:30 because I need me some focus in the evenings. Except I get up at 6 am. So that’s 4 hours uncovered. Hope he agrees to it.

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I actually feel a lot more level in regards to my emotions with the vyvanse. I feel calmer, and more able to regulate some of my emotions. I don’t get angry quite as much unless it’s regarding something I won’t tolerate… or on bad days which still do occasionally happen.

I know you and your Mom have a bit of a rocky relationship when it comes to your ADHD - is it possible you’re just refusing to put up with anything she does that makes you feel bad so to her you’re angrier but to you you’re just confident enough to fight for yourself? What do other people around you think? What do they say they see in regards to your mood?

Definitely work on the sleep and eating thing as much you can :heart: or at least the eating one. I’ve learned that just cause I don’t feel hungry… dooooesn’t mean I can’t get hangry :sweat_smile:

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This is exactly what I think is going on, except what if I only think that because it means the medicine isn’t at fault. AM I really more irritable with everyone or only with her?

Of course it’s hard to say to her, “oh, well, it IS the meds, but only in the sense that now I feel more confident about myself and I’m not willing to put up with the way you talk to and about me.” I mean. Being on these meds I’m less likely to react defensively when she says something that in the past might have made me feel ashamed. But I’m also less likely to duck my head and turn the other cheek, so to speak, which was historically my other response because I just didn’t feel like arguing. I’m not sure my newfound confidence is actually HELPFUL or not, but I definitely feel way more sure of myself. In the past when she commented on how I forgot something or didn’t follow through on something, I would usually just apologize and try to move on. (I say try, because she will harp and harp and harp over and over about what I didn’t do and how it was important and didn’t I understand and on and on until my head would explode with anger or I would just meekly do what she wanted.)

I wouldn’t mention the ADHD, because I didn’t want to hear her dismiss it. Now I say something like “Yeah, that ADHD rearing its ugly head again.” Which sets her off, because she then accuses me of using it as an excuse for everything. And then it becomes and argument. And I don’t back down any more.

Every time she says something along the lines of “Well you just have to do it. Why don’t you just do it?” And I reply, “I can’t JUST anything. It doesn’t work that way.” These sentences are both completely useless for actual communication, and have the added detriment of putting both of us on the defensive. I haven’t figured out how to break this cycle. How to make her hear me when I say, I wanted to do it. I would have done it if I could have. I didn’t CHOOSE not to do it. It just got away from me.

So TL;DR you hit the nail on the head. I fell calmer and more stable on the meds. I think I push back more when she’s insulting and she sees that as “angrier”.

P.S. I want to make clear. I love my Mom and I know she loves me. I wish I could find a way to communicate better with her. She doesn’t deny my ADHD. But she also doesn’t seem to understand it or even want to. She doesn’t mean to be so controlling and judgmental. She’s just trying to help me because she loves me and wants me to succeed and be happy. She doesn’t understand that her “help” does more harm than good because all it does is tear me down. She is unable to allow me to make choices and do things that she thinks are “wrong”, so she tries to make me do things the “right” way, i.e. her way.

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I mean… good for you for standing up for yourself! I’m guessing your response to her is a little impulsive still? If you’re able to catch yourself before responding ask yourself what words best describe the situation? What do you feel? In this case what you feel is that… you want to do it… if it was just as easy as ‘doing it’ you would have done it… that you aren’t choosing not to do it… that your own brain basically takes you hostage making it hard to do things you want to do, be it something you REALLY want to do or you want to do it because you want to get it done.

Once you get decent at catching yourself (it’s haaaaaaaard) you can work on wording like what wording resonates better with her? What does she seem to accept better and calmly?

I’d also ask others that are around you frequently if they see any changes in your mood that way you have more than just your Mom to base it off of. :grin:

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Whelp. The doctor kindly pointed out that I probably see the most of my mom in the evenings or weekends, times when my meds are wearing off or I may have forgotten to take them all together, so they’re not exactly regulating my emotions very well.

Plus, he prescribed a booster pill for me to take in the afternoon, so I can have better coverage during the day!


Ohhhh - yeah that’s a totally fair point! I like your doctor. :joy:
I’m glad the appointment went well!

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Jumping in late… for mood tracking (and other things… ) I use an app called ADDA. It reminds me to take my meds, asks me how my day was, it has some symptoms (and you can add more) that you might have during the day/night and asks how those were. Then you can look back and start seeing trends. Pretty handy.
Link to website

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Also also… (forgot to add this… sigh…)
I am on 50mg Vyvanse XR. Works well for me. Missed my meds on… Friday? I think.
Worst. Day Ever. Emotional disregulation was all over the map. By end of day I could barely function and was crying in front of my wife after having ripped her a new one over some stuff that I felt she was mad at me for.
Next day, back on meds. Back to “normal”.
What I did, since I disclosed to work and friends (heck… I didn’t know it was suggested to NOT disclose unless needed… ) is I asked them to see if there was a change pre- and post meds. You might ask some co-workers and friends if they have noticed a change in you lately. “I feel like something has changed, I just am not sure if its just me, or if its externally noticeable. What do you think?”
Helped me a lot to know that Hey… It’s working!

Yeah, funnily enough I did make sure to ask a couple coworkers too, and they hadn’t noticed anything really.

Well, there you go. Just Mom not seeing you becoming independent and not will to deal with her crap… Sorry.

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Yup. I’m gonna try to be more…diplomatic…when I stand up for myself.

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Clearly you have experience trying to do this since you ALSO work with your Mom in the same office. LOL.

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So I feel like I’m starting meds all over again. I picked up my booster pills last night. Today is day one of taking my Vyvanse as soon as I wake up, instead of waiting til mid-morning so it will last into the evening. It’s like a revelation. I was already using Routinist to try and streamline my mornings so I didn’t get so frazzled, but I’ve still struggled with yelling at my son when he isn’t going fast enough or when he’s distracted or being silly or stubborn. And this morning was just amazing. I still didn’t get out of the house on time, but I was able to be calm and kind to my son instead of my frustration boiling over.

I’ll be taking my booster pill before I leave work. I really hope it works to extend my medicated state until bedtime, because I like taking my meds first thing in the morning.

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That sounds awesome! Fingers crossed it continues to be smooth after the booster. :slight_smile: :heart:

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So far so good. Used the booster for the last 3 days, and it seems to be working. I stayed up pretty late on Friday and Saturday night, so I was worried that might be due to the booster and that it might interfere with my sleep. But last night I was in bed and asleep before my bedtime, so it looks promising. Now to start focusing back on my behavioral choices and try to wrangle this mess back into some semblance of control.

I’ve been on Vyvanse for the past few months. I’ve titrated up to 70 mg. Like you, I find it very effective for my ADHD symptoms. I also think it improves my mood and anxiety. I keep track of my mood with the Daylio app, but it doesn’t really show any significant changes since being on the medicine. I haven’t had people around me note any specific changes. Just the internal calm and sense that things feel better.

I know the original post is old, but I wanted to contribute anyway. :slight_smile:

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One thing i’ve experienced with being on Vyvanse is that I have noticed things that used to just slip by me. Things that need doing. Things that need to be addressed. I spend less “down time”, and more time focusing on things that were not being taken care of.

The Vyvaese, and the awareness of emotional dysregulation have helped me to be more myself than I have in years.

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