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Hello, Brains!

I have had to switch medications from Strattera to Vyvanse. So far, it seems my insurance will not cover it. While it is under appeal-any tips on how to get assistance with this medication’s cost?


You can try going online to needymeds, goodrx, or rxassist. All of those allow you to search for vouchers or prescription assistance plans.

Otherwise, go to the company directly. There is a card that you can download or print that gives you a month of medication for a discount, but after that you’d need additional assistance. You can go here for more information: Vyvanse Savings Card

You can also ask the pharmacy where you fill your medications. Sometimes if it’s a larger chain they may have prescription assistance programs that can help off set the cost. Vyvanse is still name brand so it can be pretty pricey. Good luck!

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Gonna second the savings card. That is a big thing for me. Without it, I would be hosed.

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I am prescribed two pricey medications from Takeda that my insurance doesn’t want to cover (Vyvanse and Rozerem). Their “Help At Hand” patient assistance program is great! It is income-based, but the limits are quite high. Once approved, they mail your prescriptions directly to you for a year, completely free!

Not only do you pay nothing, you don’t have to deal with getting refills from your doctor or going to the pharmacy for an entire year.

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I may be very late on this, but you could ask your doctor or the pharmacist if they have coupons for it, should make it cost about 30$ a prescription.

If you have no history of drug/substance abuse in your medical records, your doctor should have no problem prescribing you Adderall XR which comes in generic which would be way cheaper, or Dexedrine XR which is also cheaper and generic, so you insurance is a lot more likely to cover it. The main benefit of Vyvanse (lisdexamphetamine) is that it’s a pro-drug, meaning it’s metabolic pathway isn’t influenced easily or manipulable, so taking things to potentiate it doesn’t really work, or changing route of administration such as sublingual, buccal , or snorting it etc. Vyvanse needs enzymes in your liver in order to convert it, lisdexamphetamine is mostly non psychoactive, its an “inactive” amphetamine salt so it kinda does nothing, but with the help of enzymes in your body, it cleaves part of the inactive amphetamine salt, and slowly converts it into the amino acid l-lysine and Dextro-amphetamine salt which is one of the more potent psychoactive salts, it comprises 75% of Adderall (mixed amp-salts [ the other 25% is levo-amphetamine salt]) and 100% of Dexedrine, Dexedrine spansule aka XR and Adderal XR work very much in the same way, they are capsules with a bunch of little beads containing amphetamine salts, some of the beads dissolve instantly releasing a smaller amount of of instant release amphetamine salts as you consume, and other beads take longer to dissolve, slowly releasing the medication over time. That being said how long each one lasts etc. is subjective, and might be influenced by diet etc. But dexedrine spansule capsules can last very similar in duration to Vyvanse but there’s some given and take a few hour for everyone, If i recall correctly Dexedrine XR can last around 12 hours and Vyvanse can last around 12-16 hours on the higher end of things. But it is worth noting Dexedrine XR will start releasing amphetamine salts in your body in 20-30 minutes because of the instant release beads, Vyvanse starts becoming the active D-amp salt in 90 minutes or an hour and a half.

So if Vyvanse because it’s a synthetic brand only drug is a issue financially, Dexedrine Spansule Capsules is pharmacology wise, the closest thing to it, in most characteristics besides being a pro-drug, being that Vyvanse converts into Dexedrine. If health insurance doesn’t cover that somehow, (its generic they probably do but all health insurance can get goofy sometimes), then Adderall XR works the same way, it just a quarter of levo-amp which is weaker, less psychoactive, mostly works on Nor-epinephrine rather than Dopamine. Good luck let us know how it went and if you figured it out, Toodles!

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Also worthy side note, I do not know how much this impacts Vyvanse, being its a pro-drug,

But if you are taking you medication in the route of administration it is prescribed, orally, and I forget about methamphetamine HCL as well (desoxyn), but for Dexedrine and Adderall, when you take your meds, try not to have a low (acidic) Gastrointestinal pH level, eating things that are citrus, contain lots of Vitamin C, etc. that will lower the pH of your Gastrointestinal Tract, which is where these amphetamine salts will be absorbed in their metabolic pathways, will decrease the bioavaliblity of them significantly, sometimes you really won’t even absorb almost any of the drug if you Gastrointestinal Tract is too acidic, and the opposite applies to things that raise it to a more basic level, so things like tums (calcium carbonate), Rolaids, or any antacid really, will increase how much medication will be absorbed in your body, so keep that in mind, for at least amphetamines. So if you usually don’t eat anything acidic and take a 2 tums or any antacid, and then like 30 minutes later you take your meds, it might feel like you took too much even if you take it as prescribed because the bioavailability is increased more than you’re used to it, so it’s essentially a different dose because more ends up in the bloodstream at a higher GI pH level, or less ends up in the bloodstream and a lower GI pH level.

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