Vyvanse Help

Hello, Brains!

I have had to switch medications from Strattera to Vyvanse. So far, it seems my insurance will not cover it. While it is under appeal-any tips on how to get assistance with this medication’s cost?

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You can try going online to needymeds, goodrx, or rxassist. All of those allow you to search for vouchers or prescription assistance plans.

Otherwise, go to the company directly. There is a card that you can download or print that gives you a month of medication for a discount, but after that you’d need additional assistance. You can go here for more information: Vyvanse Savings Card

You can also ask the pharmacy where you fill your medications. Sometimes if it’s a larger chain they may have prescription assistance programs that can help off set the cost. Vyvanse is still name brand so it can be pretty pricey. Good luck!

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Gonna second the savings card. That is a big thing for me. Without it, I would be hosed.

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