Vyvanse question!


I was first out on Ritalin as a kid, and long story short, when I stopped taking it ten years later as a teen, nothing changed. My grades started bad, my room messy and all that. I had the mindset for a very long time that it was my fault for not trying hard enough, and I tried adderal in my 20s. I immediately remembered how it felt as a kid but I had something new to equate it to: I felt like I had had five shots of espresso. Jittery and crappy basically. So I stopped taking it. I think maybe a big part of me still wonders if it was my fault. And I’ve been reading a lot about vyvanse. And how for a lot of people who didn’t do great on traditional stimulants thrives on vyvanse. So I guess what I’m wondering is this: did anyone else here on vyvanse struggle with Ritalin, adderal or concerta (I tried them all and was a test subject for concerta in the late 90s when I was 13)? Is it worth another shot? I will be asking about straterra in a separate post because I have a weird history with that one too haha.



I haven’t personally tried other stimulants, I was actually immediately put on Vyvanse when I was 18/19. However, my Fiancee had taken Ritalin as a kid… which made him hyperfocused on what he was supposed to do for like 4 hours… and then he basically knocked out for 12 hours afterwards. So needless to say he didn’t have a great reaction to it long-term. :sweat_smile: He’s now in his late 20’s and he’s taking Vyvanse and it works quite well for him.

Of course, that’s just his own personal experience, so there is no guarantee it’ll work that way for you buuuuuut if you do try it out, I hope it works for you!!

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I’ve taken all the meds you mention over the years, at almost the same times as you. Ritalin in high school, don’t recall it really helping much. Dexadrine in college. The side effects of appetite suppression and difficulty sleeping were prominent, but to me it was worth it for the ability to concentrate when I needed to. (Like Harley’s SO, I found it allowed me to hyperfocus for a time, but then I crashed.) If I drank even a sip of caffeine I would be a jittery, shaking mess, so I cut caffeine out of my life. In my twenties I tried AdderallXR, which had a similar effect on me as Dexadrine, but I wasn’t really consistent with follow-up with my doctor, and I didn’t work on any kind of self-improvement, expecting the pills to fix all my problems. When that didn’t happen, I kind of lost interest in getting the prescription refilled.

Fast forward to my late 30s, and I finally came around to understanding the need to work on myself and my skills. I also found a new doctor and he started me on Vyvanse. For my part, the Vyvanse is the smoothest transition from my brain off meds to my brain on meds. I don’t even notice the uptick in concentration, my brain just WORKS. I also notice a great improvement in my emotional regulation while taking it. The appetite side effects were much reduced. Instead of eliminating my appetite altogether, it reduces the signals enough that I can hear my body when it says, enough, you’re full. I used to overeat before and obsess about food and cravings, and now I don’t. I also don’t experience any difficulties with sleeping, not like on the Dexadrine and Adderall. In fact, my doctor recently prescribed me a small adderall booster in the evening because I needed to extend the medications coverage for my long day. It is EASIER to forget to go to bed because I’m doing something interesting, but if I follow my routine and go lay down in bed, I don’t have difficulty falling asleep 90% of the time.

The fact that I don’t feel different when either on or off the meds has resulted in some pretty funny instances where I realize I forgot to take my meds. Yesterday morning I was getting frustrated and snapping at my son. It occurred to me to wonder why I was having so much trouble making myself be patient with him, when I realized i’d forgotten to take my pill when I woke up. It was my own observed behavior, not how my brain felt, that made me realize I hadn’t taken it.

Also, just an fyi, the side effects were more extreme in the first month after I started Vyvanse, especially the appetite reduction, but even then not as bad as earlier stimulants, and after about 3 months they’ve plateau’d to where I barely notice them. I have even drunk caffeine while on my meds, and it doesn’t send me through the roof.

TL;DR Vyvanse has been a WAY better experience for me than any other stimulant, in every aspect.



I’ve only ever taken Vyvanse, and that only since August. (Started literally on my 34th birthday. Best. Gift. Ever.)
First month was a touch rough. Lost a lot of weight cause I forgot to eat. Hyperfocused on work way to easy, cause I was not getting distracted anymore.
That said… that weekend I got chores done, which was amazing.
Agree with the rest, its not like a switch on/off, it ramps up and down nice and easy. I do tend to crash a bit hard at the end of the day, though. And if I take it too late, … bad news bears. Up all night.



Everyone’s experience is different - personally, I tried concerta but it was so up and down and the dip during the day was annoying, whereas vyvanse is what I’m on now and it’s more steady, I’m happy with it so far.

That said, as soon as it wears off, I’m out like a light. It’s led to me falling asleep at 8pm because I’m just so worn out.



Yeah, I had that experience too. I ended up having to get a booster pill prescribed to extend the effects.



This would be a really really good question for a psychiatrist to answer, since they can really dig into your past dosages and discuss most likely side effects with you, based on research, and figure out what the next best step is, medication-wise, and work with you as you’re taking the medication to see if it’s working.

I don’t do Vyvanse because it makes me a rage monster. I find Adderall IR works the best for me, so far, and i like that I can adjust how much I take based on the day ahead of me (e.g. skipping my afternoon dose if I get everything done in the morning, or if I want to use caffeine instead, etc etc). I’ve also tried XR, and didn’t like it as much; the dry mouth was KILLER and I didn’t get as much benefit from it.