Vyvanse side effects, stiff neck, joints


when I take my Vyvanse (Elvanse) it usually makes me calmer and helps me focus and get things done. But recently, there are times, when I also when it peaks feel a stiff neck (Back of the head) and stiff joint in my hands. And than I feel stressed. It is almost as if I could feel my vagus nerve directly. Also I experience a rebound effect much stronger than during the past year.
I tried reducing the dosage from the perscribed 50 mg to 30 mg (after counseling my doc) but it didn’t help. Also, usually coffee calms me down, but at the moment it makes me nervous, like it does with people how don#t have ADHD.

As part of the rebound I get a headache in the evening and my tinnitus gets stronger.

Anybody here who can relate. Could it be due to change of nutrition? (Summer less carbs more salat? Any ideas?)
Today it is extreme

It could be any factor, or a combination of factor. It could be factors you can control, like the change in diet. It could be due to factors you cannot control, like the change in the number of daylight hours, or the warmer temperatures, or a change in your body due to aging.

The stiffness in your joints may be a side effect from the medication, but it’s not a side effect that I’ve read about.
I have known people who had pain and stiffness in their joints only because of any of the following: stress, anxiety, depression, new allergies, or following an illness. (I’m still hearing about unexpected long-term health issues that are believed to be due to COVID.)

My best advice is: keep a daily journal, try making small changes and see how they affect you (or not). Maybe reduce your coffee intake, change your diet back to more like it was before, go on a walk on nice days, etc.

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it is really bad today. I feel drugged, I am beating my brain if it could be that somehow I took double the medication today, but as it is I can’t remember. Poor working memory.
: :rofl:

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Last September, I had COVID pretty bad (I developed pneumonia). One day, I think I took a double dose of my medication, because I felt really, really weird.

I ended up going off my meds until I was completely over COVID (because I couldn’t reliably remember if I’d taken my meds or not on any day then), and just dealt with having all my ADHD symptoms on top of all my pneumonia symptoms for the duration. (Maybe I was hoping I wouldn’t remember all the other bad stuff I was dealing with at the time… But no, I remember all that!)

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Yes I am in a similar state right now, that is why I pretty much disappeared here. I don#t have covid, but I was ill and my system was and still is completely messed up. I had a phase of a couple of weeks where I stopped medication also because of the side effects but more becouse of a bad rebound. My thoughts were everywhere then. Then I started taking meds again, a couple of weeks ago, my brain works better almost good, I feel less rejected, but I have this neck pain, clenching of teeth and this very bad rebound again. I feel like I have too much pressure.
I thought the dose would be too high, but my doc says I shouldn’t reduce, but stick to it for a while… It is very bad. Sorry to whine…