Wake up lights


Been thinking of getting one of these https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B074W91YPG/?coliid=I24PGG13UA85LV&colid=14492PRXB6T2H&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
Hoping it might help me wake up in the morning, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience of wake up lights? Before I go chucking loads of money at it haha.


I think these things have been discussed here recently, you may find some tips/shared experiences by trying a few search terms on here?


I have Phillips HF3520 which is similar. It works for me but its controls are hard to use, particularly when you are sleepy! The novelty of sunrise simulation wore off but having two alarms helps. It has a clumsy design in that it sits like a big rock and hard to handle. If it breaks I won’t buy another. In hindsight it wasn’t worth the money.


I’ve never used them but I’ve read on here that some people find them more effective than others.

I’ve started using a radio alarm it’s such a nice way to wake up listening to music and you don’t feel the need to keep pressing the snooze button, I also have a standard back up alarm just in case, that lets me know when I definitely need to get up.


I have one of those lights, it helps with waking up but after I got used to it I’ve been able to sleep and snooze with it on too… If you really struggle with waking up I’d still recommend having it together with other alarms, the more things you have that help you get up the better! :grinning:

I just got this app called SleepCycle that monitors your sleep through your phone microphone, and wakes you up when you’re in more light sleep than deep sleep! I’ve noticed I have woken up feeling more refreshed with the app a couple of times now, but it still depends on what time you go to bed and how well you sleep, if I haven’t got enough sleep then it seems like nothing will wake me up… :smile: But all these little things help!!

I want to try a radio alarm too! :slight_smile:


Just to update anyone who might be interested :blush:
I ended up getting the alarm I linked in the first post.
Used it this morning for the first time, and woke up way before the alarm went off (when the light had gradually started getting brighter).
I did sleep quite lightly last night though and Ithnk part of me was excited/anticipating the alarm so much that that fact woke me up :joy:

My issue at the moment is not so much sleeping through my alams. I don’t start work till noon daily, so I can sleep quite late if I want to.
But I’m hoping to be more productive with my mornings, as that’s when I’m most alert, so I’m hoping a healthy dose of light and some smooth jazz will help me get up, instead of loitering until I need to get to work… :sweat_smile:

I think now that I have this alarm, my next step needs to be to charge my phone overnight away from my bedside table… cause I can easily spend 2 hours scrolling on my phone mindlessly before getting out of bed…

Anyhow, feel like I’m going off on a tangent here :sweat_smile:
I’ll keep yous updated with how the wake up light works out :grin: so far so good :crossed_fingers:


Sounds like a great start!

I do the phone away from bed thing, it really helps. And I also put some books i want to read in the bathroom. Now I spend half an hour or more ‘doing nothing’ before getting started with showering and dressing etc. Previously I would do a sudoku puzzle or three, at times when I should have been working. Now I am actually reading more (which was my new year’s promise to myself as well), and enjoying it, and not feeling guilty about being in the ‘dark playground’, and getting started with the day in a good mood and becoming productive earlier. It’s all good!


Really looks soothing… I use my phone for everything… I work from home so I dont get worried any more… about the morning routines but not too long ago when I did need to… I used an app called alarmy. This one has a clever way of waking you up… :exploding_head:since in order to snooze or turn it off, it requires you preform a task of choice. Its frustrating but it will wake you up… even if you try to go back to sleep lol… your mind will wake up. :neutral_face: maybe after something like this using a soothing alarm or music to start the morning wouldn’t be a bad idea.:joy::joy: