Was it just me, or was summer vacation boring for everyone?

Was it just me, or was summer vacation boring for everyone? The first few days were always a blast, I got to sleep in, do whatever I wanted, eat a bunch of junk food, talk to friends on the phone for hours on end, go to the park, ect. But then halfway through I would always run out of stuff to do. Also, like many people who take stimulants, I wouldn’t take my medication over the summer, so the boredom was just that much more intense.
It’s no different now, except I (usually) have a job, so that gives me something to do.
To remedy this issue, I have taken it upon myself to join a summer ensemble in my school’s band. It will let me learn new things without having the stress of being graded on it. Also, It will allow my mouth to stay in a good playing condition (I play french horn).

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Having plans during the summer definitely helps the time go by.

When I was in early grades, it was easy to stay busy playing as a child. I didn’t have to make any plans. I enjoyed each day, even if it was the same as the previous 20 days of summer.

As I got to my early teens, it helped to have summer camp to look forward to.

In my teens, I worked at summer camp for three summers in a row, and ended the summer at band camp (a day camp, not an overnight camp…really it was the pre-season training for marching band competitions in the first half of the school year).

My busiest summer as a teen, I had about one weeks of break, followed by:

  • A 6-day 50-mile Boy Scout hiking trip up on the neighboring mountain.
  • Went home, ate, showered, slept, enjoyed a day or two of freedom, showered, slept, ate, packed, and went back up the same mountain to…
  • One week of Boy Scout youth leader training (leadership training FOR YOUTHS, not training for adults to be leaders of youths)… The training was named “Buckskin”. (One year, maybe that same year, my older brother went to the second-year continuation, which was named “Foxfire”.)
  • After that camp, I went home on Saturday, showered, ate, slept, ate, showered, repacked, and went up a different mountain to a different Boy Scout camp.
  • Worked at summer camp for three weeks.
  • Went home… enjoyed one or two days of nothin’ at all.
  • Finished off the summer with two weeks of Band Camp.

After that crazy busy summer, I learned to appreciate taking it slow when I can. :joy:


No. School was horrific and I am not exaggerating. What a terrible thing to do to children.

And even though I am hyperactive I get locked into books and cannot put them down until they are done.

Won many a reading competition at local libraries.

I don’t want plans. I want to be able to just do what I feel like.

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Getting “locked into” something . . . I do too . . .

I just wish it could be READING!

Funny how when an adolescent I read books w/o a problem . . . biographies; science fiction; “Bomba the Jungle Boy” :joy: and even Dostoevsky (Crime and Punishment)!

Have no clue what happened . . . :roll_eyes: